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What's the Army's current stance on personal equipment in combat?

  1. I'm going to BCT in a month and straight through to AIT for a combat MOS, was just wondering about the stance on personal equipment (tac vests, camelbacks, etc) while in a combat zone.
  2. It varies, unit to unit and depending on conditions. Your unit may sya "everybody wears this gear, this way" or they may say "wear whatever you want." I've been in units where we were literally allowed to buy those old 80's "moon boots" (in 1984-85) and spray paint them black and wear them in the field (we were artillery, so it was mainly about keeping your feet warm while sitting still). Other units wouldn't even approve the German army boots that nearly every soldier in Germany had.
  3. That is pretty much how it is.
    Unit by Unit, Company by Company, Platoon by Platoon, Squad by Squad.

    If you have the gear already, box it and wait to put in some time in your unit to get a feel on the PIE(Personal Individual Equipment) SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) if there even is one.

    When I was in the 82nd Airborne they would "issue" a "Division Pamphlet" with all the little tricks and trades and regs of the 82nd. Inside was a very basic description on how to apply face paint with an illustration. Well the 82nd leadership acted like that drawing was a decree from God on exactly how to apply camo paint.

    And your TA-50 (web gear:ammo pouches, canteens, ect) had to be assembled exactly like the Division Pam or a SFC would have your arse.

    In the 112th Sig Bn in USASOC it didn’t matter about face paint patterns as long as you covered the main areas, camel backs were issued, personally bought Blackhawk, OP Tactical, Tactical Tailor, ect gear was fine as long as it was jump compliant (you could wear it when parachuting)

    Hell I still have my BlackHawk Omega vest.

    Good luck to you though. Be safe and thank you for joining.
  4. it was the same way in the 101st.

    always had to carry that PAM with you.
  5. DIV PAM. from E1-E5 I think I read maybe one page and that was how long my sideburns could be. Anything you really needed to know, the team leader would square you away with I figured, and it seemed to serve me well for SOP. Most of it was made up of garrison BS anyway.

    I echo the above, unit to unit. Feel out your chain of command from team leader on up and go with the flow. I got out late in '06 and at the time I was running around with my own tac vest, pouches, EOTech, etc. Oakley tan boots were approved, same with the glasses. Bunch of stuff like that.

    For the most part cool guy gear was alright as long as it had a CIF counterpart that could be accounted for during layouts and such.

    Your unit may vary of course.
  6. unit to unit, command to command and sometimes soldier to soldier...if my 1SG didn't like you, man you were stuck using bs gear. If you were a good Soldier who went on missions, you could wear a ******* pink tutu if you wanted. :thumbsup: