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What's replacing the Canon Rebel XT?

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I'm looking to get a digital SLR, always been a fan of Canon so that's the brand I want.

I'm hesitant to buy the Rebel XT however because I THINK it's being discontinued sometime in the future. I say that only because I used to work at Best Buy and whenever a product was discontinued we would put it on a yellow tag sign. I no longer work there but was looking at the cameras the other day and the Rebel was on the yellow sign.

With the 30D replacing the 20D, me thinks they might be replacing the XT.

Anybody heard anything or have any thoughts on the subject?

I would just get the 30D however I just don't have the money for it.
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From all I have read, Canon keeps tight lipped on replacement and discontinued items up until a new item is announced, even to dealers.

Yes the Rebel XT or 350D will be replaced in the future as are all items but prehaps the 30D is the replacement. If I were buying a Canon SLR I would not hesitate to buy the Rebel XT or even the 20D at a discount if I could not affort the 30D.

All are nice. Have the camera is the lens so that is critical too.
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