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What's on the Ipod

  1. Joss Stone Rocks! Sumikip pantalon ko watching her! Parang naging back-up singers si Briney and Christina!
  2. when she sang Son of a preacher man --Sccchhhwwwwiiiiinnnngggg!! :)

    then I remembered she's......17 years old? hehe
  3. 17?! yikes! But she's married to her gurang na manager. Tsk, tsk, tsk...

  4. idol! hehe
  5. can you download youtube videos onto your ipod? Paturo naman kung papano? :supergrin:

  6. I'd like to know myself , kasi hindi sya galing sa youtube
  7. Just heard over at Whoopi Goldberg's radio program (93.9 Chicago FM) that today marks the 100th Million pieces of Ipod sold all over the world. Guess, that beats Sony's walkman(80's & 90's) being the dominating gadget in the mobile music market.........