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What's Iran up to Feb. 11th?

  1. What do ya'll think this is about?


    Khamenei: Iran Set to Deliver 'Punch' to Stun West on Anniversary

    Monday, February 08, 2010 [​IMG]


    Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei gestures while speaking to his supporters in Tehran January 9, 2010.

    Iran's Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday that Iran is set to deliver a "punch" that will stun world powers during this week's 31st anniversary of the Islamic revolution, AFP reported.
    "The Iranian nation, with its unity and God's grace, will punch the arrogance (Western powers) on the 22nd of Bahman, February 11, in a way that will leave them stunned," Khamenei, who is also Iran's commander-in-chief, told a gathering of air force personnel according to AFP.
    The country's top cleric was marking the occasion when Iran's air force gave its support to revolutionary leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a key event which led to the toppling of the U.S.-backed shah on February 11, 1979.
    His reported comments came as Iran said it would begin to produce higher enriched uranium from Tuesday, in defiance of Western powers trying to ensure the country's nuclear drive is peaceful.
    This year's anniversary is expected to become a flashpoint between security forces and supporters of opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, who charge that the June re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was rigged.
    Opposition supporters are expected to stage anti-government protests on Thursday when the traditional regime-sponsored marches to mark the revolution take place across the country.

    Mousavi renewed his call for demonstrations on the February 11 anniversary.
    Just over a week ago, he and Karroubi had implicitly called for a gathering of their supporters.
    "The 22nd of Bahman is upon us, truly it should be called the day of gathering," Mousavi said on his Kaleme.org website Monday, according to AFP.
    "I feel we have to participate while maintaining the collective spirit as well as our identity and leave an impression," Mousavi said.
    "Anger and bitterness should not take our control away.
    "The clerics should know that since imprisonment, beatings, and other confrontational methods are done in the name of Islam and the Islamic regime, it is hurting Islam and we all should try to stop," he added.
    Anti-government protests were first triggered after the June 12 presidential election won by Ahmadinejad.
    Over the past eight months, several thousand people were arrested. Some were released and others were given hefty prison terms, among them politicians, journalists and human rights activists.
    Two protesters were tried, convicted and hanged in the aftermath of the election.
    Khamenei told the air force personnel the "most important aim of the sedition after the election was to create a rift within the Iranian nation, but it was unable to do so and our nation's unity remained a thorn in its eyes.
  2. Very likely nothing will happen, or at least it will only be important to Iran. Probably an exercise in the Gulf, launch a few poorly made missiles/rockets, maybe debut their latest "indigenously produced" piece of Russian hardware.

    They can't stop pumping oil - it would cut their own throats.

    But by posturing a little, they convinced Great Leader Obama to send extra naval forces to the Gulf. Dance, puppet, dance!
  3. I think it would be funny if Tehran went up in a nuclear fireball on the tenth.
  4. Iran will be conducting operation "Hey everybody LOOK OVER HERE" in an attempt to distract the world from what might be 3 million people in the streets of Tehran, protesting the regime.

    For more on the February 11th showdown between tyranny and democracy, see the L.A. times.

    In other words, its on like Donkey-Kong, and we can expect AJad and his Junta to do everything in their power to distract us, probably to include a missile test and then a prompt offer to recognize Israel and send all his uranium to Russia. The offer will be rescinded later the same day.
  5. Thanks for the information, rauldduke1979.
  6. Are they going to launch another torpedo? Because that's all their rockets ever end up being, you know...:rofl:
  7. I'm thinking another rocket test. I'm sure Israel is well aware and will be on alert if necessary. Or maybe a test detonation of a nuke.

    The problem is, will our president be willing to take any immediate necessary action if Iran was to do something really threatening.
  8. I don't love the guy...but he did order the killing of three pirates in a high-stakes sitsuation, and they got the job done. If you need more proof than that, well...I guess we'll have to see what the future holds.
  9. Probably nothing. I think he's drinking the same koolaid as the bozo in North Korea. Just an attention whore.

  10. If he really is up to something, I hope it backfires on him and makes him look like a jackass.

  11. The whole culture is prone to exaggeration and lies. If anything there will be a giant parade, and the launch of some local and inferior clone of a 30 year old Commie Ballistic Missile. w00t.
  12. I'm thinking Capt Members Only is going to do a little more photo shopping of missiles and a little gov controlled media to talk about how bad ass they are.. :whistling:
  13. On Feb 11th. Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will publicly announce their consummated marriage.
  14. I don't think he ordered the killing of the pirates. The order was 'if the captain is in danger, take action'. Or 'take no action UNLESS the captain is in immediate danger'. The ROE engagement were for no proactive action, unless the captain was in immediate danger. When our shooters had the opportunity, they took it. The ROE were reportedly met when when one or more of the pirates pointed an AK at the captain. It was reported that the pirates were shot when one pointed an AK at the captain. I've always found it hard to believe that in all that time in that boat, the captain never had a gun pointed at him until that moment. I just don't buy it. I agree with the shot, but I don't think Obama meant for it to come off like it did.

    We have SEALs being prosecuted for punching a guy in the stomach.

    I don't think Obama ever said "take them out if you get a chance". I think his orders were vague enough that our shooters got to apply them for a happy ending.

    If Iran has a missile going up on Thursday, I don't think Obama has the boils to order it shot down, or have the launch site hit before the launch.
  15. Looks like a good way to find out what we would do if something really was going down.. you know.. sort of cry wolf to see how the townspeople act. I couldn't anyone being so damned loud about a "punch that will leave [us] stunned" and actually try to get away with it....
  16. Nuke test is my guess. Plus the distraction from the protestors as mentioned above in some manner.
  17. They're going to announce they rigged the Super Bowl and unleash the full fury of pot-bellied American proletariat.
  18. They desperately want people to take them seriously. Before they get too out of hand, Israel will be destroying targets in Iran. In the meantime, they're taking the DPRK route of acting out for negative attention like an ill behaved child.
  19. Hopefully on Feb 11 Israel will be clearing land in Iran for a new Wal-Mart Super center:supergrin:
  20. It's about 10 minutes to midnight in Tehran.

    I hope (and to some extent expect) it's a lot of posturing.
  21. The sheep must be getting nervous.
  22. If you're alluding to Obama, I was under the impression that he kept himself as far away from that incident as possible. It also seemed that his orders were vague enough that if SHTF he could deny any real responsibility and if things went well, he could swoop in and steal the glory.
  23. This! :supergrin:
  24. I'd say the most likely announcement is going to consist of more milestones achieved in the quest for "medical" nuclear technology. However I would not be shocked or stunned (using their description) of an underground nuke test. They've had underground facilities for many, many years. And given the exchange of information and equipment with North Korea, I could see a possible test just like the one North Korea pulled off.
  25. Their gmail was shut down.
  26. iran(I intentionally didn't capitalise it) is a joke. Nothing will happen.
  27. This appears to be their announcement. They announced that they are now a "nuclear state" and have achieved a new milestone by enriching their "first batch" of uranium.
  28. This from CNN......


    'Tense' Iran marks anniversary, confirms nuclear breakthrough

    • Iran this week celebrates the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution
    • Protesters on the streets since disputed presidential polls last June
    • Coalition of reformist groups urging people to join non-violent demos
    • NEW: Ahmadinejad says first 20 percent-enriched uranium has been produced

    Tehran, Iran (CNN) -- Attacks and clashes were reported in Iran's capital Thursday as thousands of pro- and anti-government demonstrators took to the streets of Tehran to mark a key national anniversary.
    Pro-government supporters filled Azadi, or Freedom, Square in central Tehran to hear President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speak on the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, which toppled a Western-backed monarch and transformed Iran into an Islamic republic.
    In a speech that lasted more than an hour, Ahmadinejad confirmed that his country had now enriched uranium to 20 percent -- sufficient, scientists say, to create a nuclear reaction.
    He added that Iran is capable of enriching uranium up to 80 percent but won't.
    Uranium enrichment explained
    Ahmadinejad also touched on familiar topics: He lashed out at the West, particularly the United States, and criticized its relationship with Iran's rival, Israel.
    The crowd watching his speech cheered. Many waved flags. Others carried placards bearing the images of the heroes of the Islamic Revolution.
    Meanwhile, security forces, in uniform and in plainclothes, prevented opposition leaders and their followers -- the so-called Green Movement -- from reaching the square by firing on crowds in some areas and pepper-spraying demonstrators in others, opposition groups said.
    Follow CNN's special coverage on Iran
    Members of the Basij, the paramilitary force loyal to Iran's hard-line leadership, attacked a car carrying reformist leader Mehdi Karrubi as he went to meet supporters, his son Mohammad-Taghi Karrubi told CNN.
    "We are completely disappointed at the behavior of the state today" he said. "At the same time we are hoping the situation will be changed and the people who are in power will change their behavior."
    The militia broke a window in the car Karrubi was riding, an opposition Web site said. When he switched cars, that also was attacked. The leader, who ran against Ahmadinejad in June's presidential election, escaped unhurt.
    Are you there? Send your photos, video
    The Raheh Sabz Web site said plainclothed policemen arrested Karrubi's son Ali, as he tried to protect his father's car. Ali Karrubi is the third of the leader's four sons.
    Plainclothed security forces also attacked former president and reformist leader Mohammad Khatami's vehicle as he headed to Azadi Square, opposition Web sites said.
    The forces used tear gas and batons to attack Khatami's supporters, forcing him to abort a plan to walk to the square with followers, Raheh Sabz said.
    Two reformist figures, Mohammad Reza Khatami -- the brother of the former president with a similar name -- and his wife, Zahra Eshraghi, were arrested, opposition groups also said.
    Iran has imposed tight restrictions on foreign reporters covering the anniversary, busing them to and from Ahmadinejad's speech to prevent them from reporting on skirmishes on the streets.
    CNN has not been able to independently confirm the opposition reports.
    At Aria-Shahr square in western Tehran and in various parts of the city, security forces fired on and tear-gassed demonstrators who chanted "Death to the dictator," and "Death to (Supreme Leader Ayatollah) Khamenei." Undeterred, the demonstrators chanted on.
    Many of them wore masks or handkerchiefs over their faces.
    Iranian authorities had warned that they would arrest and detain demonstrators until April if they take to the streets.
    Follow CNNIranDesk on twitter
    The precautions were meant to prevent a repeat of overt anti-government displays on other key occasions that have embarrassed and inflamed Iranian authorities.
    Earlier in the day, pickups roamed the streets of Tehran, blaring pro-government slogans and songs from speakers, a witness said.
    Since a disputed presidential election in June, anti-government protesters have turned public gatherings into rallies against hard-liner Ahmadinejad, who was declared the overwhelming winner of the race.
    Police have responded to such demonstrations with mass arrests, denouncing protesters as anti-Islamic and against the revolution.
    Late December saw the deadliest clashes since the initial protests broke out last summer. At least seven people were killed and hundreds arrested as they took to the streets on the holy day of Ashura, on December 27, witnesses said.
    The Iranian government has denied that its security forces killed anyone and has blamed reformists for the violence. Police arrested 4,000 people in the post-election crackdown.
    Two men have been executed for participating in the demonstrations, and 10 have been sentenced to death and await appeal.
    Residents in the Iranian capital said Wednesday that text messages on many messaging services have been blocked and Internet speeds have slowed to a crawl.
    Human rights groups and opposition Web sites also have reported widespread arrests targeting journalists.
    According to the Paris-based journalism watchdog Reporters Without Borders, at least eight journalists were arrested Sunday and Monday, bringing the total number of reporters now in prison to 165.
  29. Now if we would just enrich Ahmadinejad and all the radical ayatollayh's with Barnes triple X all would be good. Don't want to contaminate anything with lead, dont you know.
  30. You didnt see? Iran already did it.....they started the snow machine in the Northeast and shutdown DC for a couple of days....terror by snow.....Its true Hugo Chavez told me so!