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what's everyones rig?

  1. Hey what kind of holster does everyone use?

    I just ordered a low rider from rm holsters. It's being made tomorrow and should ship in a couple days. :banana:

    I was going to go with bladetech but changed my mind.
  2. :upeyes: I'm really sour on OWB Blade-Tech's, right now. The other day I slipped and fell as I was getting up out of a chair. The extended arm of that chair got between the butt of my pistol and my body.

    As I went down the pistol was very effectively levered out of my OWB Blade-Tech holster. Everything happened very fast; I went to one knee; and I immediately heard the, 'click-click' of my Kydex holster opening up! :shocked:

    The next thing I know, I'm looking down at my huge black Glock pistol lying on the linoleum floor, directly in front of my right foot!

    All I can say is, 'Thank God I don't carry chambered!' It could have been a complete disaster. (Yeah, I know all about Glock's much-vaunted drop safety slot. I, also, know about how miserably loaded Glocks failed the DEA's Frisbee test.) :freak:

    From now on it's strictly IWB Blade-Tech's for me along with my usual Wm. Tucker HF-1. Both of which pull the butt of the pistol, tightly, into my side.

    Just the term, 'OWB' scares the Hell out of me, right now! :alex:

    Edited to add:

    Was this -


    Should have been this -


    Or this -

  3. Glock Model 20 in a Galco Summer Comfort IWB, carried on a 1.75" Wilderness Instructor Belt that I bought off eBay from a fellow up in Ogden.

    No spare mags. If I can't solve the problem in sixteen shots, then something has gone badly, badly awry, and fifteen more probably won't help.
  4. I had ordered a bladetech IWB last week (Tuesday). It says it was a "in stock" item and should ship in a couple days. I called them Monday and they said it wasn't going to ship until Friday. I got thinking I liked the how low the low rider sat and compared it to another pic of a BT IWB. Cancelled my order with BT and called RMholsters. Here's a link to a pic of the low rider that another GT member posted.

    It the third post from the top. As soon as I get it I'll throw a pic up.:thumbsup:

    Edit: by the way it's for a G26.
  5. :headscratch: That looks very much like the strange, 'mystery holster' Tom Cruise wears in, 'Collateral' - except Tom appears to be wearing it without using a belt.
  6. On rmholsters.com, it says that it can be worn without a belt. So it could be... ??? :banana:
  7. Comp-Tac C.T.A.C.

    I carry a Sig P239 in .40 S&W loaded with 165gr Gold Dot HP's.

    It's a tuckable holster. I carry on campus and at work every day and no one has mentioned/questioned anything.
  8. Depends... I haven't settled on any one carry method for all...

    I carry my Makarov with a Don Hume IWB


    In the winter, I will carry a glock OWB leather holster under a sweater or jacket and it conceals well.


    I've tried sidearmor, but it wasn't for me really. I can't do IWB on a weapon this wide. I do have a couple other methods for carrying though.
  9. I carry my G19 in a SideArmor IWB original with a 15 degree cant. Works great for me.
  10. I carry my 4" xd45 in a Ctac, but I am not very impressed. It conceals nicely but not as comfortable as I would have liked. So i alternate between that and a Don Hume jit slide.
  11. Stainless XD9 in a C-Tac with a 1.5" Wilderness belt, or a S&W 38 in a Don Hume IWB holster or a De Santis pocket holster.

    Mostly pocket carry for me now, very convenient and concealable.
  12. I currently just use an Uncle Mike’s IWB lightweight nylon holster. I think it cost me a whole $13 at Sportsman’s Warehouse. It is lightweight and very soft. I would never keep a round in the chamber with this holster. After my experience with this cheap holster, I just ordered a Tucker Gunleather’s "The Answer" this week. It looks very comfortable and I should be able to tuck in my shirt. http://rlcompanyusa.stores.yahoo.net/answer.html
  13. I carry a G27 in a variety of IWB holsters from various manufacturers on weekdays.

    On weekends, I carry a .38 snubbie tame way (reminds me of a lame old joke :supergrin: ) I've got a OWB paddle style for the 442, but I just don't like how high & floppy it feels.

    I just feel much more secure and "concealed means concealed" with the IWB rigs.
  14. I like the Kramer Leather Belt Scabbard. I have a TRP Operator with the full length rail. In all honsety the thing is a big gun weighing in at about 3.5 pounds. When I used to have a Blade-Tech Kydex Holster it was always pulling on my belt and I was constantly pulling my pants up. Now I have the belt scabbard and the butt of the gun is kept snug against the abdomen and right between the abdomen and the elbow (making a gun grab very hard), the design of the scabbard distributes the weight to prevent "auto-pantsing". The scabbard also has a forward cant to make drawing very easy and swift while modifying the profile to make the gun very easy to conceal. Now when I sit down or move about, I barely know the thing is there! The first time I wore it I had to check to make sure I still had a gun on my belt.

    They make scabbards for just about every Glock you can get.

    A caveat: At this time, here in Canada we are not allowed to have a concealed firearm. The only time I get to use the scabbard is at the range and at that time it is openly carried so that people can see it.