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    A few Virginia boys were up in the Blue Ridge hang gliding one day when a couple of yankees came along. "What are youse guys doing," they asked. "Hang gliding," replied one of the Southern boys. "Want to give it a try." "Well maybe... but I've never done it before," volunteered one of the yankees. The Virginians assured the yank that there was nothing to it. So they hooked him up, waited on the right wind, and off he went, sailing over the valley just as pretty as you please. About this time a couple of good ole boys are in the valley hunting. One of them looks up and exclaims, "Bubba, look up yonder at that thing!"
    Squinting against the sunlight Bubba sees it and then lets go with a couple rounds. "Did you get em?" asks the first hunter.
    Bubba squirts out a stream of tobacco juice. "Naw, but I made it drop that damn yankee."