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What year did you go through Boot Camp? Platoon #

  1. Wondering if anyone when through with me.

    MCRA San Diego

    Class of 65 Platoon 148
  2. June-August 1997 MCRD San Diego
  3. 83 Plt 1057
  4. Jan 1986 PLT 1014.
  5. OK, I'm an oldtimer. Plt 379, 1959, Parris Island. Semper Fi
  6. 1992. Plt 2029, Fox Co, 2nd RTBn, MCRDPISC.
  7. July 24 1995 - October 13 1995 2nd BN Hotel Co Plt 2024 Parris Island SC WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!

    SDI SSGT Ledferd!

  8. That was in the day of the M1 Grand, and Pin Stripped Utilities :thumbsup:
  9. I still remember the serial number of my M1 and the name of my Senior Drill Instructor.
  10. MCRD Paris Island SC 1975 Platoon 2012

    God bless the USMC :thumbsup:
  11. MCRD Parris Island Feb 2006 Plt 2009
  12. MCRD PI Oct 1992 Plt# 3097
  13. We were in the same series.

    Graduated Jan 86 PLT 1013.
  14. November 1987 with 1095
  15. Way cool!
    Delta Company, 1st Recruit Training Batallion! MCRD San Diego.
  16. Well, I guess we weren't.

    I was at PI.
  17. 1975
  18. MCRD San Diego, CA
    PLT 1043
    Aug 14, 1994

    I remember standing on some damn painted footprints for some reason.:)
  19. June 19, 1995
    Plt 3010 PI
  20. 1990 Charlie Co. Platoon 1065 MCRD San Diego
  21. June-August 1978, MCRD Parris Island, SC., 1st Btn. (platoon 1024, if I recall). SSgt Myrick was the SDI and Sgt. Alwin and Sgt. Venenziano were the DIs. I can remember the day of Graduation after the ceremony. We were in the squadbay and my father (retired Marine and former DI) was talking to the SDI. The SDI called me over and asked me why I never told him my father was a Drill Instructor. I replied, Sir, the Private did not think it was such a good idea Sir. He said, You were right. We all had a good chuckle.
  22. Nov 3, 1995 PLT 3026 MCRD San Diego
  23. Year 2000 Alpha Co Plt 1065
  24. Platoon 2072 May 29th-Aug14th 1992 Lead Series, Echo Co.
    MCRD Paris Island
    SDI SSgt Griffin
    Sgt Lehfeldt
    Sgt Conover
  25. Plt 3102, Parris Island, 1990.

    Dang, I'm getting older...

  26. Dec. 1965
    Plt 1045
    MCRD San Diego
  27. Platoon # dont recall
    Ft Bragg 1969
  28. Marine Corps recruit training at Fort Bragg? And you don't remember your platoon number? :headscratch:

    Aug-Nov 2001
    Alpha Co Platoon 1006

  29. You were following in my Foot Steps... :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

  30. Fort BRAGG???? As Ricky would say SPLAIN THIS Fort Bragg thing????? :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  31. San Diego l065 Plt 335
  32. June '97, PI 2nd Bn, Plt 2085
    Semper Fi:usmc:
  33. Went in Dec 14, 1998, and graduated boot camp March 14 1999
    Platoon 1020
    Alpha Company
    Parris Island (Is there any other Marine Corps boot camp :banana: )
  34. Paradise Island, 2006


    SDI SSgt Tabor
    DI Sgt Salas
    DI Sgt Gillen
  35. 1992, Parris Island, Platoon 2076, SDI Gunnery Sgt Grote.

  36. July 8th '96, PI 2136
  37. PI
    Platoon 1046
    Mar 97

    We graduated on June 6 (D-Day)
  38. Born/created: Platoon 2060, PISC - August 1966.
    OCS, Quantico - January 1973
    Retired November 2000.
    RIP: Not yet. TBD.
  39. Another Oldtimer! Platoon 303 Nov. 1957 PI
    Semper Fi :)
  40. MCRD SD Plt 362 1961
  41. If yours was the yellow painted footsteps that I stood in for about an hour waiting for the nice close haircut that took about 30 sec for them to complete.:banana: :banana: Ya I followed in your footsteps.:animlol:
  42. Aug. 1991: 2016 Fox Company SSgt. Baily was the SDI went to MRP during 3rd phase and Graduated with 1001 SSGT. Rosado was the SDI. I ended going back to PI at Weapons Training Bn and was a Range coach in 94-95 worked on Starlight, Inchon amd Khe Sahn. Loved It!

  43. Doubt if he is even a doggie

    Plt 220 MCRD San Diego 1961
  44. 1977, San Diego, Platoon 3061

    Was there when Elvis died, didn't even know it until the following Sunday when we were allowed a newspaper!
  45. 3rd BN, Plt 3032, PISC
    Feb-Apr 86

    I can still smell the swamp.
  46. MCRD SD PLT 3065 7/23/90-10/19/90
  47. That reminds me: Stevie Ray Vaughn died while I was at Parris Island. Our DI mentioned it to us, and made us dig in honor of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

    Or was that the time he stuffed most of us in a broom closet?

    Been a while..I tend to forget.
  48. wow, we went through boot camp at the same time.
  49. Since we are citing events around our time. Riddick Bowe was in the series behind mine(for a whole 3 days).
  50. 1st Battalion

    Plt 1081