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What was your AFSC?

  1. 571X0 then changed when the AF changed everything to 3E771
    Fire Protection.
  2. 11M3A-still in the reserves
  3. 3PO51

  4. 43153C (old AF Specialty Code)
    Airlift/Bombardment Aircraft Maintenance Specialist
    Crew Chief C-130e Hercules (MC-130e Rhein Main)

    Pope AFB NC
    Rhein Main AB W Ger
  5. 81199
  6. 81170
  7. 3P051

    Security Police (94-98)
  8. Started as a 46250, ended as a 1C471.
  9. Started as a 3C0x1 (computer guy).

    Am now a 9S100, or "Scientific Applications Specialist".

    I should tell people that I am a scientist. :cool:
  10. Originally a 2A551J Aerospace Maintenance Journeyman (C-17A crew chief)

    After retraining, a 1N571 Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation Craftsman (ELINT Analyst)
  11. Crewchief: f16,f117
  12. Was a 1T171, then we merged, and am now a 1P071. Hopefully I'll be getting a new AFSC in Jun/July when the NCORP list comes out...
  13. Ricky, f117 TTR or Holloman?
  14. I was at ttr 90-92.
  15. Cool was up there fron 85-88 and then moved a little south! Visited quite often after that.
  16. 3P071, 17 years and counting.
  17. I was a 294X0 back in the late 60s (Electronic Intercept Operations Analysis Specialist). Do not know what the AF changed that to.
  18. If you had to know Morse code and/or were primarily performing collections when you were in it's probably 1N2X1. If you weren't doing collections it's probably 1N4X1.
  19. Started out as 811X0 (SP), then retrained to 457X0 (helo Maint) Then 8R000 (recruiter) then back to 2A572 (helo Maint).
    Now retired and NM certified Police Officer
  20. 3P071 1983 to 1999

    3N051 1999 to 2002
  21. 3P071, 2005-current.
  22. Thanks MDLibertarian, with your help you got me into the right area to look. After looking at all the '1N' AFSCs I found mine to be 1N5X1 (old 294X0).
  23. currently waiting to go to 14N school
  24. 75370.
  25. 3PO71

    Security Forces
  26. 9s100
  27. Cool and you're welcome! The job title didn't sound like ELINT since it just stated "electronic," which could have been darn near anything since ELINT comprises all non-communication emitters.

    Oh, and the 1N5 AFSC was recently (and stupidly, no thanks to the big wigs at AFPC) rolled into the 1N2 AFSC that has been further broken down to identify former 1N5's or those who'll serve in what was--and should have remained--a 1N5 position.
  28. 2A5x1B C130 Crew Chief 2010-Present WY ANG
  29. 2r1x1 scheduling lmao
  30. 27470 Command and Control Specialist. 1C370 after the change. I think.

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  31. 1115n
  32. 42375 Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician Sept '79 to Sept '87.
  33. K1A271 MC-130P Combat Shadow Loadmaster. Before that I was a 2A674 Fuels Systems Specialist.
  34. 30474. then 2E173. Mostly ATC and base comm, 2 ESC assignments, and one Air Defense. :wavey:
  35. 3E191 HVAC Civil Eng Squadron. Still in 20 years and counting.
  36. This was my job, Ground Radio. Last base was Moody AFB GA.
  37. 75230 back in 1955

  38. 75230 in 1955

  39. 306x6 which changed to 2E3x1
  40. H44350
  41. 812 with a 7 level, I believe.
  42. Started as a 2E1X3 and finished as a J1C471.
  43. You at the guard base here in Cheyenne?
  44. 3P071 LE specialist
    SEI 312 CATM
  45. 303x1
  46. 324X0 PMEL

    Have all the AFSC #'s changed since 72?

    Worked on this stuff.

  47. 46350 (Nuclear Weapons Specialist)from 72-76 at FE Warren AFB and Vandenberg AFB.

    46170 (AMMO) from 1986 to 1992 at Lambert Field, 131st TFW, Missouri Air Natioanl Guard.

    3S271, Unit Training and Education Manager, 1992-2011,
    164th Airlift Wing, Memphis, Tennessee Air National Guard.
  48. OMG those are old, but I remember seeing something like them when I started (1980). The AFSCs changed I think around the early 90s, some just changed their numbers and some merged too as I remember. I was a ground radio guy 304x4 and then the same but with a different number, 2E1X3. Since I retired in 01 there has been mergers as I hear from some still in. Hopefully for the best, and not for someones OER or some BS like that at HQ.
  49. We had quite a few tube type oscilloscopes along with other tube type equipment in 69-72.

    Our lab.

  50. I was also a 30454 until it changed to 2E173. Started in 1981 and retired in 2002. HF Longhaul radios in the Azores, ATC radio in Georgia, HF radios again in Turkey, Missile Radio in Montana, Deployed radio maint in Turkey, 32 Combat Comm in Oklahoma, ATC Radio in Korea.