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What to expect from a suppressor?

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Might be easier to give link to decent explanation of law, ideally regards to MN.
This add got me interested again. Maybe less weight? The Mute Suppressor: maybe not your typical can - The Mag Life

I only know basics. MN they are legal (concern under Biden that might change, but grandfathered might happen...)
so going to a range demo day.
What I THINK I know. Trust well worth it. If I have my wife, another person on trust... if I die they can legally possess the serial # suppressor. They can sell it (via ATF) to dealer... without a trust they must get rid of it in set grace period or felony charges? Plus I could allow those listed in trust to transport, store, use even when I’m out of state? (If wife knows combo to safe, I’m out of state she “could” technically be in violation?
Now to actual units. Seems many suggest Glocks are not the best platform? But you can get one suitable for .45acp and shoot 9mm in same can without loosing noise reduction?? That they are safe for pistol caliber carbines. But unless stamped for rifle. A rifle will ruin them quickly? (That Makes sense)
that a larger opening doesn‘t increase noise...
That heavier bullets, just under speed of sound helps. I get. That noise of suppressed pistol over a .22lr is STILL into “hearing protection suggested by shooter” so noise level reduced from “ears ringing for hours”. To. “It just stings for a few seconds as long as outside”
I figured out a suppressed rifle hitting 300 yd targets in movies couldn’t be suppressed as quiet as they showed.
The more I find out. The less advantage they seem to be. Something that sold as a filter, trap... (yep it’s a trap) for (ok I never clicked to check price, likely $50?). Costs $600 plus $200 ATF bribe (excuse me stamp) plus @$200 to set up trust. That might drop noise 25%? So what could be sold for @$100 $200 fancy metals. Is well over $1000 just because of the government interference?