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What shortage will the next?

  1. During the 2012 ammo shortage it was of all things the lowly .22 ammo shortage that everyone got bent out of shape over. The covid thing happened and it was toilet paper that made the headlines and has still not fully returned to normal! Question, what obscure irrational item will be the next big shortage thing when another "situation" happens. With recent history as examples it will be something outside the realm logical thought.
  2. Common sense.

    Buy cheap stack deep 9mm, .40 S&W

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  3. Intelligence. And it looks like the shortage already happened.
  4. Have you walked into a gun store recently?
  5. Yeah, there are two that I frequent in the small town that I live in and their shelves are pretty bare. The local Rural King seems pretty picked over as well.

    I sold off a few at the beginning of the year, ones that I thought I wanted but in reality I had no interest. I have been keeping a Glock on layaway since March, currently it is a gen 4 G30. I feel like I have to put down a deposit as soon as I come across one, might not have the chance in a couple of months.
  6. Good people's patience about all this bs going on..
  7. You mean besides the current shortage of Glocks, AR-15s, Magpul accessories, 5.56x45, semi-auto handguns in general, pump shotguns, Benelli M4s and semi-auto tactical shotguns in general, handgun ammo, AR parts, M-Pro7, etc., etc.? Shortages are already at full-throttle beyond mere TP, hand sanitizer, face masks, canned beans, dried pasta, tasty proteins like beef, and paper towels.

    The panic-stricken have spoken. Even those loitering on the fringes of the gun world.
  8. In my area right now,it's fishing tackle, rods and reels.
    Seems between the non-essential fishing suppliers laying off workers, more people not in school or working, that the supply can't keep up with the demand.
  9. Critical thinking skills and coming to intelligent conclusions in analyzing all the government crap about COVID-19
  10. Some garden seeds were in short supply earlier. I ended up shipping some carrot seeds to a relative in MI.
  11. Non bleach/non alcohol disinfectant wipes are pretty hard to come by right now. Clorox/Lysol type wipes use quaternary ammonium, a.k.a. QUAT. Those things are hard to find, at least online and in the couple stores I shop at. I've had Costco cancel two orders I got in when the page didn't say "Product not found" and Walmart.com hasn't had any for ages.
  12. sensibility and freedom are in increasingly short supply.
  13. Amen.
  14. grocery store shelves continue to be hit and miss. Part of this is the employees can't stock the shelves fast enough, and part of it is interruptions in the supply chain.
    I haven't seen Campbell's Beef Consomme in a couple of months.
    Prices for beef and bacon continue to climb.
  15. Hopefully a shortage of jail cells as they fill up with BLM and ANTIFA dirtbags.
  16. Pickled herring.
  17. You can get quaternary tablets on Amazon and make your own from paper towels...

    Although from what I've read, alcohol is the superior disinfectant for this bug.
    I wonder if West Texas had an opinion that..

    Regardless, it's becoming apparent that this thing spreads, first and foremost, from occupying the same area as an infected human..

    As far as I know, there is not a single documented case of an infection from a contaminated package, grocery store item etc...
  18. They say this and I sure hope it is true. What I don't get is how they know how someone was infected.
  19. Exercise equipment has been a tough get...
    I wanted to get some kettlebells but they were either not available or hideously overpriced
  20. The dismal science of contact tracing..

    Having said that, with the level of spread going on, the source of every infection can't be traced... It could be that an infection from a contaminated surface has been missed.

    BUT.. if it were a common vector of transmission we'd have known about it by now. If it is happening, and that's a big if, it is exceedingly rare..

    I do still sanitize if I have to touch a high touch surface like a door knob or gas pump, but I have ceased to worry about Amazon packages and the like.
  21. Good point. I think this is probably the best indicator that the virus is not being transmitted via surfaces.
  22. You nailed what i was thinking.
    The kroger (northern grocery chain) shelves have been awful. Especially the past month for some reason. No particular item, just everything thing seems to be wiped out. They have eliminated many sections of canned goods. In the canned aisle, Now they just fill a 4ft wide sections with gallon canned veggies. have some canned goods, then a 4ft section of chips, then some juice, wth. Never seen the gallon cans in these stores before. Spaghetti sauce section is 20ft long, now its just one brand spread across. Alfredo, forget it!. I use miracle maize (corn meal) for fish batter, its been out for months. They finally had some and i got the last two. I stocked grocery shelves as a teen and we had plenty of stock in the back in the 80s. I dont think they do that at all anymore. Your right on bacon, its just gone. We got a mom and pop chain grocery that has good meat. Luckily their in the case smoked bacon is still 4.99 everyday and its way better than the packaged stuff. The only thing that there was an abundance of throughout the scare was eggs. 89 cents for 18 at its lowest. There is a major egg farm wholesaler 70 miles away.

    I think there will be a covid 2.0 scare this winter and back to insanity. Unless Fauchi get the Your Fired! I filled my freezer up with fish fillets already. No more passing up does for antlers this year. My dad pressure cooks and cans chunked deer meat for noodles. So im planning on more deer n noodles, deer spaghetti and taco meat.

  23. There is none of it in my pantry so it must have already started.
  24. Good question, there is already a shortage of common sense in the Democrat leftist party. guns and Ammo shortage will just get worse. Especially if the Democrats end up controlling the House, Senate and Presidency.
  25. Wow. Nothing like that here. There are some things that are in short supply, but generally the shelves are pretty well stocked.
  26. That has been the primary shortage all along and will probably continue to be!
  27. Love it..
    Are you a cream or wine sauce person?

    I like wine sauce..
    Pairs well with good vodka at freezer temp...
    Great for a cold Saturday/Sunday watching football
  28. 1. auto parts. Sounds stupid, but here it is.
    a. Think about who manufacturers spare parts for your car. What country are they made in. What are the restrictions on sales. Example. My car has OEM parts made by dozens of subcontractors in Japan. The big company ships them all only to NJ. The parts are then upsed to dealers and/or auto parts stores. No one keeps an inventory of parts. Not even your local dealer. This is why I order parts sometimes a year in advance.
    2. general. It took three months earlier this year to get my shipment form the PRC. If the things had been in inventory, I would have taken only six weeks. Tomorrow, I am going on eBay to ask for a refund on parts. It has been three months. The shipping tracking does not reflect that anything was shipped. I had that problem with another vendor earlier this year of none shipping and said to h--l with it. Not this time.
    3. 70% isopropyl alcohol in gallon containers. Have on 7. Will be months before more appear.
    4. Specifically bread yeast. The item is not on the shelves from the largest manufacturer. Relying on morons to stop baking at home if schools are reopened. If schools do not reopen, it will be another year to find it in the markets.
  29. I dont have any idea about it...
  30. And the prices are crazy. I waited for a few months to buy this set, and it cost me an extra $250.
  31. Condoms. Because we're all getting screwed.
  32. Add common sense to that list, please.

    Beef topped out at $8.99 minimum for the cheapest stuff a few weeks back, and while it has dropped a bit, it's definitely a little higher than it was a month ago. Bacon is nearly non-existent, and I am not too dang far from a lot of hog-farms and a large Smithfield plant.
  33. I found out today there is a coin shortage! Apparently the U.S. mints have cut back on coin production because of covid. Rumor has it that some stores have stopped using them because of this. Better start hoarding those pennies, you can stack them next to your .22LR ammo.
  34. Chapstick. Call me crazy but it makes about as much sense as the TP hoarding.
  35. I usually go to my bank once a month and get 2 10 dollar rolls of quarters to do my laundry in the laundry room of my apartment building.

    Sometimes if it's too late in the day and the bank is closed I go to a local market and just get one ten dollar roll. About a week and a half ago I went to the market and found out about the coin shortage so the next day I went to my bank and found out the local branch was closed again, except for drive thru only.

    So the next day, I had to drive to the main branch thirty miles away and got my Quarters.
  36. According to lifelong bicycle mechanic cousin, all things bicycle.
  37. They make it up, like most of the statistics we get.
  38. Civility/courtesy.
  39. I need to get my coin vase emptied. Don't know if it's worth the hernia to tote it to coinstar or bank.
  40. Did you know that 83.7% of statistics are made up on the spot?
    And that 92.3% of the people believe them, whether they are accurate or not?

    (Props to Todd Snider.)
  41. With all the drinking going on I am waiting for 7 and 14 year old bourbon to become 4 month old.
    Instead of a oak barrel.. a 55 gallon drum
  42. :animlol::animlol:
  43. Computers and printers. A lot of school districts still haven't made decisions on opening.

    In a few weeks, the parents are all gonna say "Oh ****, the kids aren't going back to school and our computers suck."
  44. Beef was short for a couple of weeks, but that seems to be back. Next to last time I went to Kroger they had jacked it up to something like $6.99 a pound - last time it was half that and they were doing 2 for 1 on 90/10 ground beef.

    I don't know of anything that's short right now, except guns.
  45. The next shortage will be Democrats that do NOT own a gun.
    Following November 3 will be a shortage of liberal radical socialists, which is only slightly euphemistic for communists, in office except in the uttermost corrupt municipalities.
    :faint:I just realized -we have the corruption now.
    Come on people, LET's VOTE these bass-tirds OUT!!!