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What say ye? (cheaper ammo)

  1. What say ye, eventually this ammo shortage will run its course and return to normal ammo shipments as before. (At least I pray that) Do you feel that prices might lower? Can anybody shed any light on why we might see future prices lowering back to reasonable prices? Can you give us any hope?
  2. no industry insight from me, but I think the manufacturers are getting used to the prices they get now, so why drop?
  3. I agree. Quantities will resume, but I doubt that a drop in price with be forthcoming. You may find a $ or 2 in savings if you shop around or check out a few gun shows, but unless you reload, your ammo expenses will stay about the same.
  4. Supply and demand... As long as people will pay it... the price will stay high.
    When they are sitting on inventory - provided raw material cost does not require that price - it will fall.
  5. I can't help but think that aveage shooter Joe will have several boxes of ammo laid up and overall buying will go down and to sell most ammo will have to drop in price. I'm just hoping for us that like to pull the trigger quite a bit.
    For example my shotgun hi powered shells at $13-18 a box. Bulk .22 doubled in price, and an arm and leg for quality self defense loads. I hope these will lower.
    I read somewhere online about ammo prices being high in the 80's and late 80's to early 90's and then they lowered, so I'm just hoping.
  6. I still have a receipt from 1989 that shows I paid $9.68 for a 50 round box of WWB 9mm FMJ. Factoring in inflation, that's the same as paying nearly $17 for 50 rounds today. As high as prices are now, they have been even worse.

    So prices have fluctuated over the years. It would be nice to see them fluctuate down in the near future, but who knows what’s going to happen.
  7. Local sporting goods chain has import box ammo at $10 per 50 in 9mm, so material cost isn't likely a big driver right now.
    One place in Fort Worth today (let's call it More Expensive Than Yellowcake), had a few boxes of WWB 357 Sig for $35-40/50.
    We are paying $25-40 per 50 for off-brand factory ammo in all pistol calibers everywhere.
    Local reloads are moving briskly at less than $16-20 per 50, simply on price and the fact that it is actually available with a phone call. Lots of shooting going on here, but I can't help think that hoarding is governing availability. People know when trucks arrive, and buy every box within hours. People are buying pallets of ammo.
    Those of us who just want to buy a few boxes and go to the range simply can't do that without a week's planning.

    I think prices stay high until supply at the retail level goes up a bit. Once boxes sit on the shelf and wholesale orders drop, prices will reduce.
  8. I suspect prices are still high in comparison to material costs and labor. So competition could drive prices down. However, I also suspect companies are not interested in investing in new manufacturing capacity if they believe their military and to some degree police contracts will be less in the future.

    But thing will ultimately come into balance and competition will come into play. I expect the foreign manufactured ammo to play a large part in bringing prices down, unless restrictions are placed on importation.
  9. say ye say ye the prices may make you flee:rofl:
  10. You are right that ammo supply and pricing is not great now, but it has been much worse in the past.

    I have a box of Winchester .357 125gr jhps purchased in October of '89 that is marked $29.99. Yesterday I saw a 100-count box of Remington 125gr jhps for $45.
  11. And you may notice the last thing to hit the market again was (is) the cheapest version of each load. Bulk boxes, lead bullets, ol' skool stuff.... that WAS cheaper than other ammo.. just kinda fell off the truck.

    When they finally get to making it again there will at least be some faintly lower prices because that's the cheap stuff. I've seen less than half a dozen bulk boxes of .38s for sale locally in the last 18 months, and I bought every single one. And the next dozen I see are bought when they get here..
  12. I miss 100 box wwb at $12-$14... those were the days..
  13. I say thee, is not looking in the right locality.:supergrin:

    A few examples of what I see...:

    3 full pages of instock ammo
    1000rds 9mm AE @ $225.00 - comes to about 11.25/box
    500rds 9mm PMC @ $115.00 - comes to about 11.50/box.....WWB was same price, but out at the moment.

    2 full pages of instock ammo
    500rds .40 WWB @ $149.00 - comes to about 14.90/box
    500rds .40 RA40T or RA40TA @ $249.00 - comes to about 24.90/box

    1 full page of instock ammo
    50rds .45ACP AE @ $20.00/box - all day...

    Now...I hope y'all realize the repercussions of openly listing a source like this. YOU, the hoarder that is reading this, would have a field day, thus causing my main and beloved source to raise their prices. Not gonna happen. I will say this...if you spend a little time doing your own research, instead of relying on someone else to do so, or waiting for your source to drop their prices....then reasonably priced ammo is not hard to find. :wavey:
  14. It will end when everyone who wants to have a supply at home has it and they see the shelves stocked again. I'm beginning to see the more ammo at my local Walmarts - still no 380 auto
  15. Think about that. You are listing what, 3-4000 rds? Some guys buy that much at one time. When I see 30K rounds in stock, then I'll believe the drought is over. Prices may come down a tiny bit, already have for some ammo I see, but the "old" days of $12/100 9mm is long gone, like $1.50/ga gas.
  16. not for those of us in California, we are seriously effed. 50 rounds per month, most of us shoot 150+ every time we hit the range.
  17. I believe the 50rds/m thing was dropped in the final bill. The big issue here in 2011 will be no mail order ammo & the stupid add'l. paperwork will only add to the cost. I am glad I reload!:steamed:
  18. And I may be one of those guys, getting it for these prices, then flipping it instead of hoarding it.

    Example: 500rds Winchester Ranger 45 Auto 230g (RA45T) @ $294.00 :supergrin:

    Split in half 250/250 - sold one half @ $200, the other @ $210 :supergrin:

    If you are a smart individual, you would not pay that. BUT...because there are uneducated people out there, with plenty of money to burn, you better believe I'm going to take full advantage of the 'cash hoarders'.:whistling:

    I can sit here and do this all day. Even put an order in with Uline, and ordered a case of cardboard boxes for my shipping needs.

    30K rounds in stock of...?
  19. Anything? Most places are out or have little on hand. Again, not that I really care, I reload everything but carry ammo & I only need about 100rds/caliber.
  20. Prices are already starting to drop a little. A lot of hoarders have filled their storehouses and due to the economy people aren't spending a lot of money on non-essential items right now. Barring some unfoseen catastrophe or legislation I think we can expect prices to drop a bit more. Will they go back to pre-panic prices? I dunno.
  21. NO!

  22. Prices are starting to drop now. Be patient.

    You'll never see 7.62x39 for $65 a thousand again... but prices will drop.
  23. That was pretty expensive for 21 years ago. I thought 9mm was still around $5-$7 per 50 even as recently as 5-10 years ago.
  24. Availability seems to be easing up a little (just a little) but I don't see prices dropping really. Demand is going to remain high for a long long time. Material costs may not be a huge factor in the price but it IS a factor and material costs only go up. Transportation too.
  25. Same thing as with gas. Once they realize we will pay it they will not lower it.
  26. im seeing like gas, squeeze what ya can out of the ones paying for it then back down some, not to where it was but relieve some of the pressure so they will be happy its not as high as it was.