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What problems are soldiers running into on deployment due to lack of equipmemnt?

  1. I served in Afghanistan back in 2012 and since then a lot of new gear has been developed to eliminate the headaches me and my team members had to go through. What "headaches" are the norm in deployment these days when it comes to equipment/gear?
  2. I would think a SiG 320 would be Biggest Problem
  3. I have to agree with that!
  4. Back in 2012, there was approx 77,000 U.S. troops. But as of May 2018, there's only approx 8500 U.S. troops. That may be the reason you're not getting many responses.


  5. Why would you say that? IMO the only thing in the arms room less important than the pistols are the bayonets. If the rifles are bad that would be a problem.

    "In a month of testing on the road that encompassed several hundred rounds in four states, the P320 never jammed once, no matter who shot it—men and women, lefties and righties, five-foot-tall folks and those who were taller."
  6. I don't know who works at Personal defense World but Army Times and Other DOD pubs have openly admitted the teething problems with fielding. I'm talking Several thousand rounds at ranges across major Divison Bases not several Hundred Rounds from a Fanboy at Personal defense world. With 6 actual year long combat tours on 3 continents I'll take first hand weapons in facts from people who have done and do. Thank you very much!!!!!!!! I did 400 rounds in one class!! Notice I never said "bad gun" I said over engineered for a combat pistol good range gun or police side Arm but intricate upper slide constructs will not survive GI Joe and DESERT.
  7. I don't own one and have never fired one. If the Army did not pick the best pistol I want an investigation of financial records of all the officers involved including their supervisors. I still don't think a pistol is anywhere near the most important thing in an Army unit and I would never call Massad Ayoob a fanboy.
    BTW I did 22 years of service and have intense hate for BS gear.
    If I could meet the guy who coined the phrase "one size fits all" I would put his head on backwards. The old steel helmet was too small for me to wear with the full parachutist pad. The pad was about 4x2.5x.75". I had to cut it in half 2 ways to come up with something I could wear. Even then I had to put my helmet against a concrete step, sit down on the ground and stomp the side to make it just a bit longer from front to back. There was ( and might still be) a lot of cold weather gear marked one size fit all.
    The only time I was issued an M1911 pistol was when I was an M60 machine gunner.
  8. I agree today Up armored vehicles and Body armor are most important items for saving lives along with electronic counter measures. If you can't get to the fight you cant. Personal gear is pretty Damn good compared to 1979 when I went in. Steel Pots/ Cold Weather gear was bad.

    https://peosoldier.army.mil/portfolio/ You"ll love this everything made for soldiers
  9. As a gun forum we focus too much weapons as a priority.

    A MUCH bigger problem is heavy equipment maintenance. Between an entire Reserve Battalion there will be a Company’s worth of working equipment. They will play Round-Robin with what little equipment works between Companies so they all can meet their annual training evaluations.

    So on paper an entire Battalion is mission evaluated, when the reality is if they deploy anymore than a single company from that Battalion there are going to be problems.