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What Posts Fit for General Glocking

Discussion in 'Announcements & Support' started by bentbiker, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. bentbiker


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    Sep 11, 2009
    Orange County, CA was just locked as being inappropriate for General Glocking because "This is not a Glock, it is an aftermarket part and can be discussed in that forum." The product is made as a solution to problems encountered by Glock owners and it functions only on Glock pistols.

    I'm confused. By the above criteria, discussion of Glock grip plugs, stainless steel guide rods, bushings allowing the use of Gen3 guide rod assemblies in Gen4's, lubes and cleaning products, and LW trigger housings with over-travel stops are all taboo. Even Ghost, Sherer, and LW connectors are aftermarket parts. In fact, I just re-read all the forum descriptions and I have no idea what "that forum" would be -- I see nothing for aftermarket Glock parts, and it would certainly be lost in the Parts & Accessories forum in the Armory.

    While I certainly recognize that members here have no respect for the rules and routinely state that they are posting in General Glocking something that clearly belongs elsewhere because it will be read by more people, that is not the case here. Within General Glocking we often see threads about how a Glock owner can stop slide bite, or why Glock doesn't offer any solution for owners who want a more vertical grip angle. This would be a perfect solution for those threads.

    If only Glock manufactured items can be discussed, the General Glocking forum just got a lot smaller, and finding Glock-related threads just became a lot more difficult. I can adjust my subscribed forums to include more if necessary, but right now there is absolutely no consistency in the treatment of threads. Currently active threads include:
    None of these are about a Glock pistol. Will they be locked? Need some guidance and clarification here.
  2. JohnN

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    Jan 9, 1999
    I only posted the Grip Force product thinking, apparently incorrectly, that it might be of interest to the readership. Personally I could care less, but as bentbiker points out, the threads he has listed have no more to do with Glock pistols than mine.