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what model Glocks are used by Team Glock?

  1. I was watching Cowboys! the other day and saw a familiar face on there as a guest. It was Holy Terror ( her SASS alias ). Real name Randi Rogers. She is now shooting on Team Glock and I am curious to know what model Glock she was shooting. Does Team Glock have a link or other post where we can get information what the members and what gear they use? Thanks,
  2. www.teamglock.com

    Site has not been updated in a while it looks like. Dave shoots here locally around the Atlanta area at some matches. I've seen him use both a 17 and 34 for IPSC production, 35 for IPSC limited and limited 10. I've never seen him at an IDPA match, but I would assume he uses a 17 and/or 34 for SSP division.
  3. I didnt know that Randi was shooting for Glock. The last i had heard it was Jesse Abbate Pictured below Courtesy of Glock Jockey.

  4. Jessee was at the Shot Show and Dave introduced her to us as his new shooting partner, not Randi.
  5. Re: Photo above.

    Glock. What Glock. I don't see any Glock. OOOHHH. THAT Glock. :supergrin:
  6. I assure you that Randi Rogers is shooting for Glock....I shot with her yesterday at the Coastal Bend Challenge in Corpus. She shoots SSP Master division in IDPA. Randi is a great shooter and a really nice person. Very personable...she will represent Glock well.

    BTW- She was shooting a Glock 34.

  7. Apparently Jason is correct.
    Its listed in press releases on Team Glocks website as well.

    Good 411 Jason. :thumbsup: