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What Model Glock Is This?

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just ran across this Glock online. Anyone know what model and were I can get one? :embarassed:

  2. Looks like the 21 triple stack over-under super tactical mall ninja specialty
  3. yeah thats the 21T...LOL
  4. I cant wait for the GEN 4 to come out so you can fire them all at once....finally
  5. That is the glock exterminator full auto, it is made on special order and only build one a year.
  6. That's the prototype picture for the G63.
  7. why would anyone post this....
  8. For a laugh?!?
  9. He's only got 5 posts. He still has to post the DEA video before hes done with initiation.
  10. :yawn:
  11. More important, who makes an IWB holster for it?
  12. This looks like something a mad scientist in Transylvania would come up witha
  13. Top heavy much?
  14. Just shows how hard it is to improve on "Perfection!"
  15. That looks like an Hk P7M10..
    Kinda reminds me of the COP..
  16. :rofl:
  17. This is the correct answer.
  18. add some "homeboy" sights and we're ready to rock out
  19. I handled one at the SHOT show but won't get one cuz they don't offer them in OD or gen 4.
  20. It's a Glock 21/21/21, over and under and over.
  21. Crap, I screwed up!! :crying:
  22. Oh wow! I wonder if it will shoot under water! Where are you nut'n fancy!
  23. :rofl:nutnfancy is a major ******!!!