What makes a good law?

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    I've been thinking about this due to some discussion on the local talk radio station.

    The major role of law is to punish obvious crimes like murder and rape.

    What about the laws that basically create a crime and serve to restrict or modify behavior? Things like driving while talking on a cell phone or owning a 20 round magazine?

    Personally, I like laws that punish obvious crimes. I don't care about prevention or deterrance as much as punishment.

    As I start thinking about all the more intrusive laws I'm having a hard time deciding where to draw the line. I favor limited government but I also agree w/ speed limits in my neighborhood. I want a balance between anarchy and totalitarianism.

    One of the radio debates was about prostitution: vice to deal with outside of the crimial justice system or crime that warrants $pending tax dollars and locking away people?

    Another example: one TN state rep wants to take away welfare benefits from families whose kids don't perform in school? Good idea or just a feel-good law? If the families "need" welfare is it moral to take it away? If they can survive without it why are they getting it at all?