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What loads do LE use in the GLOCK 21?

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what loads are usually carried by LE if they carry a G21 in 45 caliber?

would they use something like a Remington Golden Saber 185 gr JHP?

do they ever use something in 230 gr JHP?

I read the Rem 185 gr JHP Golden Saber makes a very effective defense load

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HST or Gold Dot in 230g is what I see. Remington Golden Saber was a popular round 10-15 years ago, but I don’t see it much in LE these days. Winchester Ranger is popular in other areas of the country, but in my area most agencies follow suit with the state police’s research to save money testing their own stuff. And Ranger doesn’t seem to have much around here.

The Honrady Critical Duty is being marketed heavily towards LE right now. They are practically giving it away to convince agencies to use their loading. That’s why we switched from Gold Dot to Hornady when we switched to 9mm a couple months ago.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see it gain a portion of Gold Dots and HST’s market in the next few years.

I would imagine most LE agencies are carrying 230g. That is usually preferred when you’re using a 4-5” barrel. The 185+P stuff was typically marketed to the sub 4” guns to help with expansion.

Me personally, if I’m carrying .45 it’s because I want a big heavy slug. I have no interest in the 185 and 200g loadings, but that’s just me.
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