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I worked for that agency in the article about 13 years ago. I was issued a brand new gen 3 G21 with Speer Gold Dot 200+P .45ACP. They got into a lot of shootouts, and went from the Beretta 92, to the Glock 22, and then to the G21. The trainers were BIG fans of the .45ACP. In my hiring class, they allowed one small female to swap her G21 for a G22. And they allowed a IDPA shooter to swap his G21 for a G22, since he shot tens of thousands of rounds down range in that platform and was more comfortable on the .40. But 95% of the deputies had the G21.

The article is nonsense. They have had the G21 for a long time. They just want to swap them out for new gen 4 guns, which is a good idea every 10 years or so. They got a good price on the trade in.
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