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There is no specific ammo "usually carried" by LE. Each agency/department might specify an particular brand and version of ammo. In some cases it may be as simple as any ammo from a specified list of brands (e.g. Winchester, Remington, Federal, Hornady, or Speer, etc.). I was aware of one department which fairly recently (~10 years ago) finally OK'd JHP ammo for .45ACP where previously it only allowed FMJ type.

I've carried Speer Gold Dot (which is a JHP type) in 230 gr., Winchester SilverTip in 185gr., and Winchester Ranger in 230 gr. +P. I may have carried other brands/versions but can't remember any others right now, but it may have been Remington Golden Saber and Federal Hydra-Shok. I know I can't remember which bullet weights I would have carried of those last two if I'd actually carried those brands/models.

Somewhere in the country, there's probably an LEO carrying 230 gr JHP ammo from a commonly-known brand name of ammo. I'd be surprised if any LEO in this day and age was carrying handloaded ammo or FMJ from a brand like Tula, Wolf, or Armscor, although I'll shoot thousands of rounds of those brands for practice.

(I now most carry 9mm, but I'm carrying Speer Gold Dot 230 gr. right now as I type this.)
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