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What kind of tracks are these?

  1. AA897E5F-F7A1-4D6E-9848-2FC66B8C6213.jpeg Thinking wolf. Picture has obligatory dollar bill.
  2. chupacabra
  3. Whatever it is, it's pretty big. Wendigo?
  4. I don't see any claw marks....do you have big cats around your home??
  5. Location?
  6. Feral dog???
  7. We're you looking over your shoulder while walking away??
  8. Raccoon, obviously. It has the dollar bill. Ask @davethehiker .
  9. That picture is so bad I wish you were Hillary's personal photographer.
  10. Confounded Jackalope (again)
  11. Lobo, or a mountain lion
  12. Again. My first guess would be big cat.
  13. Werewolf
  14. Wolves, dogs, and coyotes don't have retractable claws. Cats do.
  15. Near bear head state park, northern mn. Out deer hunting. Hope the 308 is good enough for a big cat.
  16. I think I’ll stop following these tracks. Might not like what I find.

  17. Plenty if you see it first....
  18. Post a sticky note with the words "GT, 11/21/19" next to the tracks and post it here on GT or this whole thing is even faker than Hannie Caulder!!!!!

    And for the record, I think it's a cougar...

  19. Brede of Peace.
  20. LMAO!
  21. What part of the country are these tracks?
  22. (Points over shoulder) there wolf!
  23. South Texas, near Laredo, about 100 yards from the wall.
  24. I think cat as well. I am no expert, but I did see a video where cats will place their rear paws into, or almost into the paw prints of their front paws, for noise stealth. Explanation - if they know their front paw didn't make any noise, then placing the rear paw into the same or almost same spot should produce similar result.

    That kinda looks what is going on in the picture.

    Ramjet, see below.

    What ever you do, don't run, and don't turn your back. Keep an eye out. Good news is they scare off easily if confronted. I scared one off in Big Bend, Tx by throwing a single rock. Thankfully I spotted it in front me, where I was walking would have put my back to it....
  25. Maybe Nastassja Kinski out for a stroll?? Used to watch that movie a LOT on the sub for some reason....

  26. Sorry, I missed N4S post. Thanks!
  27. It is defiantly the tracks of a 200 pound chipmunk.:kidding:
  28. ManBearPig
  29. Puppiebabymonkey?
  30. Easy. that's Bumble, the abominable snow monster.

  31. Original

    Pic of wolf track for comparison.

    Cat tracks for comparison

  32. Wabbit Twacks.
  33. rabbit???
  34. a wolf that has had his nails done?
  35. a mejican dog that crossed the border.
  36. I think so too.
  37. It's not a cat , It's a larger canine dogs that run around near roads have very well kept nails.
  38. Cats and wolves are one thing but as we start invading their natural habitat we'll see more and more of these beasts out in more urban settings...

  39. Cat prints are spread further and appear almost round if you circled them that's a largish Canine could be a Yote, GSD, Guardian breed etc.
  40. Did you say Texas? That makes it easy to narrow the search down to two suspects.

    98fbad08-3b64-46f1-82a5-4458a60099c6_text.gif ;)
  41. As previously stated - not a great picture. Hard to tell - I'd say wolf. We have lots of them around here. Depending on where you live - could be cougar. Lynx have big paws too.

    My guess is wolf. It takes a big dog to weigh a ton.
  42. that is inappropriate , funny as hell but inappropriate
  43. so it must a queer !!!!!!!!!!!! heyyyyy.
  44. Chupacabra
  45. Looks to be a big cat. We have a place not to far from there and have a good size cat on the game camera.
  46. Jackalope.
  47. The shape of the prints suggests some canid. Nails dont always show on dogs depending on wear, breed, pace etc. Cat tracks tend to be much more rounded. I would say dog of some type, wolf tracks would be a tad more elongated. Just 2 more 0.01$
  48. Had forgotten about that movie... thank you. :)

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  49. You have a skinwalker around, time to move.
  50. Those are wolf tracks.
    If it looks like the animal was dragging paws between steps it could be a dog.