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What is your favorite Glock?

  1. For the poll I had to offer platforms like full size, compact etc because you can't list all the models in a single poll. So vote for the size platform your favorite Glock falls into and then post which model is your favorite and why.

  2. Always been a huge fan of the G19. Great do-it-all size pistol.
  3. Single stacks or the subcompacts are the only ones that seem to fit my hands correctly. I want so much to love something like the Glock 19/23 size..but they just dont fit my hand right..that said stuff like the Glock 48 and 43/43X fit well and ive strangely found the 26 works well also....
  4. I have always liked my 19 and think everyone should own one at least once, but I carry a full sized Glock every day and it also always comes to the range with me, so I voted that way.
  5. 19

  6. I don't carry either of mine but I certainly could if I needed to. Would be the last guns I would ever part with.
  7. G23 and G23c are my favorite. 32c as well.
  8. My 20/20 vision tells me you meant to say, "20/21"...
  9. This is the exact reason I chose a the single stacks. They just fit my hands right. The thicker grips don’t fit well for my small hands. I do love the size of the g19 though. It’s definitely a hard gun to beat but for me at this point, 43x/48
  10. Compact for me, simply because I’ve carried one for over 15 years.
  11. Im torn between sub and compacts. Love my 26 and my 30. My 40 is awesome and gigantic, just not a good carry gun. Great nightstand gun though.

    Overall, Id go with subcompact. My 26.
  12. I dont know what it is about the Glocks grips..I DONT have small hands they are somewhere around L size glove for example..the angle and thickness combo just dont fit me right I guess on the ones 19/17 etc,etc
  13. Well I had to vote long barrel cuz a 41's the only Glock I currently own. If I get another Glock, it'll most likely be a 43X or 26. I was pretty sold on getting one of those, or a p365, this summer .... but ended up buying a VP9 instead. Weird how things like that happen.
  14. The first time I ever shot a Glock was in 1998 when I was living in North Hollywood Ca just after the North Hollywood Bank of America robbery. I lived not far from the bank and some of my neighbors were not allowed to leave their homes until until the bank robbers were caught. A massive police presence had cordoned off teh area.

    Afterwards, many of my neighbors became first time gun buyers. One of my neighbors, a good friend, bought a brand new Glock 17 and asked me to go to the range with him and show him how to use it.

    I'd never even seen a Glock before but I'd heard about them. At the time, I carried a colt lightweight commander. I did not like the Glock at all but it was reliable right out of the box and was simple to operate for my friend who had never shot a gun before.

    But I didn't like the size or the shape of it or the way it felt in my hand and I didn't like the trigger. But then a few years later, I was at a gun show and was looking at a Glock 19 and it was like a whole different gun. I like the way it balanced in my hand and it was no bigger than it needed to be for a puny little 9mm.:D I didn't buy the gun at the gun show but the next day I found one at a local gun shop and bought it.

    Then I shot it and put about a thousand rounds through it and learned how to operate the trigger. Not long after that, I learned that Glock made a 40 caliber in the same size gun so I traded up for one of those, a Glock 23. And after that, I got a Glock 20 and even though it was a full size gun it made more sense to me that a gun in a more powerful caliber should be larger. I also liked the SF frame on the Gen 3 G20's becasue it fit my hand better.

    I've tried the baby Glocks and they are just too thick and chunky for my liking but the "compact" (mid-sized) Glocks are true perfection.
  15. A Gen4 G33 357SIG Subcompact using the 7151/7165 extension is top of the Glock heap. Capacity is 11+1 125-gr cartridges capable of 550 ft•lbf at ten feet in front of muzzle.

    A more interesting survey would ask about one's least favorite Glock.
  16. I sold my G19 years ago, but if I were to purchase another Glock, it would be a another G19.
  17. I have two favorites actually.
    G23 & G48.

    Starting to really like the G48, and I am 'not a 9mm guy.' Uh oh! :faint:

  18. Can't vote. I have a favorite for the nightstand, favorite for the front seat, favorite for carry.
  19. G34. I carry a G19 or G45 daily but I love shooting my G34. I shoot it better than any of my other Glock pistols. I honestly think it’s mental, like your favorite putter.[​IMG]
  20. Perfection achieved....

  21. That was a tough one. It's between my G20 and G19X. I voted 19X because coyote tan is drop dead sexy. :dancing:
  22. If only you could figure out how to put some pearl grips on that.
  23. Gen4 33 nothing for its size beats it for power.
  24. At this point a G26/G30 but I'm looking for a G19M5 which may be #1 with me..
  25. sort of like asking which tool is my favorite tool. It really depends on the task.


    But which is my most versatile and most used tool (the channellocks of Glocks)? The G23.
  26. For many reasons : the Mod 36. Knelly
  27. 42 and 43X
  28. I've never had a "favorite" Glock, but I still have what I consider to be the least offensive one, a Gen 3 G35 w/an Alpha Wolf 357sig conversion barrel. If anything it shoots like a laser:

  29. Glock 18. I’ll never own one, but I can dream.

    From a practical standpoint... the Glock 17, but I primarily only use Glocks for home defense.
  30. When Indy and Sallah found the Ark and opened it...what did they find?


    The Holiest of Holies...the Glock 43X, a gift directly from Heaven...
    ...and it was ALL FACTORY OEM, the way He ordained it...
  31. 43 and 42 because I never have to take them off. I sleep with one or the other in a smart carry. yeah. I`m odd.
  32. The G19/23/32 size is the best overall system. More capacity than competitors’ offerings in a slightly smaller package. It can be used as a “duty” firearm or as a CCW (though, a little too big, for my personal tastes). For me, it fits my hand much better than the the full size. The G19x/45 is completely the opposite if what I was hoping for. A nice option, but the grip still sucks, for me. I am holding out for a full slide on the compact grip.

    I really didn’t understand the G19x/45, at first. Then, someone made reference to the 1911G vs 1911C. Then, it started clicking. I then found that the G19x/45 has nearly identical dimensions to the FNS and FNX, both of which handle very nicely.
  33. Glock 17
  34. My favorite is the "Compact" (mid-sized) but I would really like the 43x if only it didn't have forward slide serrations. I also like the G42 when loaded with Underwood Plus+90 grain XTP's.
  35. With the Glock 19 you got a choice of Gen 3 Gen 4 or Gen 5.
  36. Glock 19 Gen 3 = Glock Perfection.

    If you only can afford one handgun, let it be a Glock 19 Gen 3. 9mm will be around forever :fred:
  37. I'm sure that's what they were saying about the .32acp a hundred years ago...
  38. I'm torn between my 19 & my 26. If I had to pick only 1, it would be the 19.
  39. Glock 29--10mm--forget all those sissy pistols.:dancing:
  40. Full size for me. I have pretty big hands. After that it’s the 26/27/33 size. The mid size just doesn’t really fit my hands.
  41. If I could have only one, it would be Gen 3, 22 with Gills.

    Fortunately I dont have to make that choice today. Therefore the long slides really make me happy.
  42. My G-30SF .I have it with some mods that are perfect for me.
  43. Today it's my 21, but I carry my 26 everyday.
  44. yup and none of them fit my hand well
  45. I like they hybrid 19x/45 best, best feel, balance and just feels right.

    But I still shoot the 19 best, if it doesn't have grooves (Gen 2, 5, custom grip, etc)
  46. G19g5. But will be getting a G26g5 when low prices and plentiful inventory return. If I can find one that is that Glock green I'll have a new favorite Glock. [emoji6]

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  47. Why, the GLOCK 45 9mm, of course.

    Because G45 is the King of GLOCK.
  48. 19x. Half kinda small. Half kinda big. 9mm. Takes gen4 and back mags AND I like peanut butter.

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  49. I have a difficult time answering this question simply because each model has a place EVEN the G.A.P. I love it due to its oddity. I have NEVER shot a bad Glock model.
    My duty weapon is a G31 or G22 depending on my mood.
    My edc ranges from 9mm-45 depending on how I feel and or what I am wearing at the time.
    With all that I have to say my G32 is my most versatile Glock between size, weight and capacity working together.
  50. G23