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What is the difference between....

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A Crossbreed Super Tuck, and a Super Tuck Deluxe? I am in the market for a concealment, tuckable holster for a Glock 22. Other holster information is welcome as well. Thanks.
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No experience with those, mate, but check out KD Holster's Dakota Defender. I just picked one up used for my G22 and it's a great tuckable IWB.
Went to their site, can you send a picture of the back side of it with your weapon in it, as well as it in use and shirt tucked in? Thanks.
I have my answer:

Thank you for contacting us. There really is no difference. All CrossBreed
SuperTucks are "Deluxe". I think at some point there was an upgrade and the
"Deluxe" became the new standard.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Tom Smith
Stillwater Armory
The deluxe has a nice built it timepiece and it vibrates too.

(According the website not much)
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