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What is js.js?

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It started about an hour ago where every time I change pages at GT, I get a request about saving or opening js.js.

Clearly, I not doing either. But it's a PITA to continually cancel the request.

js.js from

ETA: This is coming ONLY from pages from GT.

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It sounds like an ad trying to serve up java script. I would be really leery. There have been several incidents of legitimate sites serving up malware and viruses through third party ads (unintentionally and unbeknownst to them of course).

I have not seen what you are describing here, but I also use adblock. People trying to make revenue (this site and others) don't really like you doing that because it gets in the way of making money to support the site, but unfortunately things like this make it hard to trust ads even if they are not annoying.
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