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What is happening to me?

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It all started when I purchased the G42. Love the gun and the trigger. What a fun little gun to shoot. Since then, I have purchased the G43 and G26 Gen4. Now for the issue.... I am now finding that I like/prefer a "heavier" trigger pull v. the sub 5lb. triggers that I have on my other Glocks (G19 Gen2-4, G22 Gen3, G23 Gen4, G30 Gen4). Heck, the G26 Gen 4 I just purchased has a great trigger right out of the box (no changes needed except to shave down the "dingus" or trigger safety a few thousands and I don't even mind the serrated trigger). I have spent way too much money on aftermarket triggers and trigger parts to lighten the trigger pull and now I am going the other way........ What in the world, I've come full circle on trigger pull weights. This just can't be right and perhaps I should seek professional help!!!