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What guns have you purchased during the pandemic the pandemic?

  1. Two for me.

    In April I purchased a S&W no-lock 442. Decent price at a LGS. I called ahead and they had it waiting. I couldn’t go inside or handle the gun. Completed the paperwork and held up my LTC to a window. All in all, a good purchase. I then ordered a pocket holster from Kramer, speed strips from Amazon, and ammunition from BassPro.

    In June I purchased a Glock 19M from Texas Gun Experience. Flame on but I saw on Facebook that that had Glock 19M’s in stock. I snagged a blue label 19M with the Salute to Veterans program. Eventually I will probably shoot it, but I haven’t yet.
  2. Only one a cz p01.
  3. I'm in Cyber Security, I get paranoid about talking specific guns I own online.. Really I don't own any guns, they scare me.

    A buddy of mine got a G26 for the regular price about a week ago. Really like that thing...

    Another buddy picked up a Taurus G2c (regular price, maybe 2 months ago), really not a bad shooter, hates steel case ammo though, Fail to Extract. Kinda showing quick wear on metal parts though...
  4. I'm still waiting for the Mossy 590A1 I bought back in March. :(
  5. 0..
    Really glad I had everything I needed as far as guns and ammo.
  6. Just this one a couple of months ago.
  7. Glock 30S.
  8. None. But my girlfriend ordered me a Langdon 92 Centurion for my 46th birthday.
  9. These two...


    Also ordered a S&W 442 No Lock, but it's backordered.
  10. Purchased a SIG P229 back in March. Not because of the pandemic, but because it was a limited batch run at a really good price.

    The pandemic buying frenzy was in full swing at the time. So not only did it take a long time for the retailer to ship it, once my FFL received it, the background check took five days to complete.
  11. I recently built two AR15 carbines, one lightweight 5.56 and a 6.8 SPC carbine. I also picked up a CZ75 Compact 9mm as well.
  12. Sig 320
    S&W M&P
    Kel-Tec PMR30
  13. Haven't bought any.

    Covid helped me sell some guns I've been trying to sell for a while. I was asked more than a couple times 'you still got that gun for sale?' I had 3 G41's and sold one of them (one was for my son but he wanted a diff gun). I wish, now, I would have kept it. Fortunately, I got a 100% return on it. The other guns were good guns but not Glocks.
  14. Colt 1911
    Ruger Security Six
    S&W M&P 9 M2.0
    Winchester 1894
  15. Purchased? None.

    Sold 3 and traded one.

    Also got a 6.5 Grendel upper for one of my ARs.
  16. Ive bought none so far this year. I might pick up a Beretta M9A3 soon.
  17. I havent purchased any.. but sometime before the year is over I'd like to get a G17 and another Shotgun
  18. Sold several, no purchases.

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  19. Hellcat
  20. Ruger SR1911 lightweight commander 9mm

    Glock 48
  21. No guns but lots of ammo.
  22. Surplus pistol from a place down in Alabama. Haven't got it yet, but been cleaning up and loading a bunch of old rusty 7-shot magazines!
  23. A S&W 686+ in March.
    Another M&P Shield 9 2.0 in May.

    The 686+ was the same price it had previously been, and the Shield was a little higher than before but not outrageous.

    I need to buy a Springfield Range Officer 1911 for a college graduation gift but I've fiddled around too long. My favorite local gun shop says they can't get them, PSA is out of stock, and Academy doesn't even list them anymore. Hopefully I can find one later.

    Right now anything I'd want is not to be found.

    I also, for the first time not counting one that was bought to be a gift, let one of my guns go. I gave my G26 to my son who just got his carry permit. He did not have a small handgun but he does now. :)
  24. image.jpeg image.jpeg Ruger Americans......223 w/Vortex Crossfire 3x9 on left, 7mm-08 on right and a Vortex Diamondback 4x12

    the 223 is a tack driver 5 shots @ 100yds factory Hornady ammo
  25. I saw the thread and thought, nothing. Have not bought anything since February. But I checked my phone and I swapped text messages with my FFL in June.

    Searched my email and I bought a Shield 2.0. Totally forgotten. Only shot it once. Not even sure where it is. Gotta find this.

    So, thanks to the OP for the reminder.
  26. another 43x because I could and it was a good price which was a shocker.
  27. I picked up a Glock 48 and a Nighthawk T4. I really like both, though I can buy 10 G48's for each Nighthawk...
  28. S&W 9mm 2.0
    Glock 43

    In the market for ar15 but I cant find one for a somewhat decent price

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  29. 642 my first snub.
  30. Less than I sold, but a Ruger Precision Rimfire and a Sig SSG 3000 since the great plague started.
  31. I bought a Winchester wildcat.22, a FN MDR midsize .9mm and a SW 638
  32. Zastava M70 and a Ruger Mini 14 Stainless Tacticool.
  33. 6360C551-6BC7-449E-8102-122E0C725282.jpeg
  34. Count me in for Mossberg 500 for wife and no lock 442.

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  35. A Molot VEPR 12 and a Larue PredatOBR in 7.62.
  36. I was going to leave the house and buy another GLOCK 19.
    But I forgot my surgical mask and I'm afraid of getting sick from Covid 19.

    Naaaah, I'm just joking.

    I'm not as afraid of catching my death of cold as I am seeing shelves barren of decent pistols.
  37. How is the M70?
  38. I picked up a Springfield XD-M 4.5” 10mm last March, not because of the rush to buy, but just because I wanted one.
  39. I've discovered that the inexpensive guns have gone through the roof, while top tier 1911's are very affordable. I've picked up two Guncrafters since March.
  40. Was in Academy yesterday to get a bicycle pump, went to browse gun section and they had a Glock 43 so I bought it.
  41. Palmetto?
  42. Sold a Yugoslavian SKS for way more than I paid for it. Guy was a LEO and thought his handgun wasn't enough. Bought a S&W .22 Compact. Hellcat was a Christmas present.
  43. Just one, a Glock 44 and I like it!
  44. I traded a Benelli Nova for a like new Gen4 Glock 20 with an Inforce light and 150 rounds of assortedammunition. I also bought a S&W 1911SC and Troy carbine, both used and for prices too good to pass up.
  45. I'm a bit green cause of your 19M. Not sure why. Seems a very desirable pistol, hard to get and definitely not inexpensive. Still, I don't know what I'd do with it that my own 19 couldn't do.

    I still want one. Sincerely happy you were able to get yours.
  46. Purchased a Colt competition 1911 in 45acp in April, Went last week to several gun shops and didn't buy any guns. One had a couple pistols i was interested in but couldn't make myself buy them until i can make up my mind on what i want most.
  47. Mostly just beer and snacks for me. Thinking about a new tool box for work.
  48. CZ 457 MTR
    Kimber 82
    Glock 44
    Glock 43x
    Rock Island XT-22
  49. I've sold several since I had pistols stacked on top of each other in the gun safe. I did buy a blue label Glock 34 and stumbled upon a Ruger PC carbine in .40 s&w to go along with my 9mm one.