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    Ive carried a Glock21 SF and others,1911,S&W Shield 45.Question is and I know Im nit picking.What G30 model is easiest to carry.My friend ended up buying a G30 used.It feels like a brick.My question is which feels more comfortable the G30 Sf,G30 gen 4 and Im not really sure why the G30S is thinner except for the slide the frame is the same.
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    For carry, it's hard to beat the 30S. SF frame, slim slide, what's not to like? Now if you're looking for versatility, I'd say the 30SF is the way to go. Same frame as the 30S, same slide as the 30, but there are a multitude of conversions available for it. 10mm, 40 S&W, 460 Rowland, 400 cor-bon, .45 ACP, .45 Super, and more, all with the change of a barrel, mags, or recoil springs. The Gen 4 30 seems to be quite rare, everyone seems to want one, but few seem to have them (I could be wrong).

    Short answer, if you're looking mainly for carry, the 30S is it. 10 + 1 with standard mags, a 9 rounder if you want a shorter grip, or add a couple 21 mags with Xgrip sleeves for a full size grip, and you have everything you need. Good luck.
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    For myself, the difference in slides is negligible and I have the 30SF. It is a tiny bit thicker than other pistols, but shoots so well and is just crazy accurate.

    The availability of parts, holsters, conversion to other rounds, and etc is much better than for the 30S. OTOH, Glock parts don’t break very often, and it’s your money. Either way, both are comforting Glock 45’s.

    Ignore the thickness. Buy the 30SF, good sights, more mags, and ammo. Empty mags into one hole on target.
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