what ever happend to the guy who dared the police?

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    Gomez’ goodbye letter is chilling. It begins, “By the time you read this letter, I will be gone. I have taken a one-way trip to the mountains. It is where I belong. Over the years, I have contemplated the type of exit I will make, barring death by natural means. This is the one I chose then, it is what I now plan to do.”
    He ends the note stating, “As usual, I am packing two pieces: a 4013TSW and a 6906 for backup. It will be quick and painless. Let no one get in my way – I will not be very kind. Despair has now changed to anger.
    “I regret that I had caused you the embarrassment, the financial burden I cannot possibly repay, and the grief. I am sorry. You all take care.”

    remember this guy? he shot someone through the hotel door and killed him. got bailed out and then went up into the mountains with his guns and told the police not to come looking for him cause it wouldnt be pretty

    what ever happend with this guy? anyone know?
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