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What does the animals do without h20

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A weekend back I took the 35mm camera, sniping shears,corn knife and ladder stand to go do some pre-season scouting and to beat back the brush in an area that I plan to hunt at.

We are getting rain in my local community but 125miles north is a whole another ball game. No hurricanes and very little rain have left most of the the area dry. I mean bone dry with no signs of water. These same areas that use to have standing water from 2" to 4ft or even more are not show NONE water.

I still was able to get some pictures of deer/squirrel/turkeys and I even got jumped by a sml hog.

i would like to share these with you;

Here's a deer that I stalk across a pasture about 75 yards away. Purr fect broadside shot if I had a rifle but this area is no centerfire zone so I would have to take a shotgun or handgun.If you look closely you will see the sihoulette of a deer in the center screen.
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after watching this one deer it was soon joined by a second deer and I was spotted when I tried to move in close for a better view
This young fox squirrel was treed and I was able to get a few shots of him at a top of sabal palm as me and him eye'd each other.
anybody that hunts would recognize these. These turkeys where strutting across a dry mash that use to be wet. I counted 6 toms with short beards. Use the back foliage to break my outline up I was able to squat and get within 20yards. Only if these birds would have shown up during spring turkey season I could have bag a tom.
Here;s a field or turkies grazing in an area adjacent but out of bounds of the actual WMA. The smaller dots are poults and the bigger birds are Hens.
for some reason I couldn't change me deer pic but heres 2 deers ( moma and fawn I think )
Looks like you had a real eventful weekend my friend.
You saw a good deal of game and had a good time doing it. Man those trees sure do look different than mesquite! :supergrin:

I still need to get down there and get the Oceola turkey and get this Grand Slam going one of these days, and i think you still need the Rio, and Merriman don't ya?

What does the animals do without h20 ? You asked.
Travel man travel. Same as you and i would if we were thristy..
I hope you guys get the needed moisture there soon..... I can relate here as well, dry as a bone! Very Dry.

Thanks for sharing those pics Man, very nice noway! ;)

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