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what do you think?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by southern_boy, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. southern_boy

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    Jul 16, 2009
    Roanoke VA
    i just wanted to see what yall thought of my colection. IM 22 years old and have bought most of my guns on my own other then a few that were gifts or i did chores and earned them.

    tomaro il be picking up my 20th gun.

    12 long guns:

    AR A2 complet
    SBR lower
    2 striped blue lowers
    2 win 95s in 30-30
    1300 win defender
    marlin modle 200
    mossberg 500a
    savage .300WSM
    rem 597 in 22lr
    marlin .17hmr

    8 pistols:

    colt detective special .38
    S&W .357 modle 581 i think
    S&W .45acp modle 4506
    heritage rough rider .22lr/.22mag
    walter PPK/S 32acp
    glock 26
    glock 19
    rugger 1022 charger(1st think in the AM)

    so how am i doing so far on my lil colection? i could have more guns then this but i used to buy alot of tools for work, as i was a mechanic. and my gun safe cost right at 2,000 when i was in middle school. and i have only sold off 3 guns so far. a marlin 30-30 because i just didnt like it when the winchesters were availble. and i traded a marlin .22 mag that i payed 65 for and 100 bill for the colt i got. and i bought a keltec P11 for mom but she still likes the heavy PPK/S beter.

    now im wondering what the next gun i should look for should be. i try to wait to get guns on deals. like the mosberg i got for 150 and its cammo with the 22 inch prted barrel. just bought the glock 19 for 350 and its new with no box and 2 10 round mags. and useualy if its a deal and i have the cash i buy it. and i always have a spot in my safe for another winchester 94 if the price is right.

    but im startin to want odd calibers. like 10mm, .458 socom, and id like to find a 10ga cheep. and also whats good rifels and pistols for shooting lead? i have all the wheel waits i can stand to get. and my neibor helps me relaod some and is slowly teaching me and leting me use his relaoding set up. mostly i buy guns for fun any more. or that i think my nephu might like. i have my hunting guns already.

    and the 2 ARs lowers wont be compleeted for awhile because theres going to be alot of custom anodizeing done to them. one will be a match style rifel in red, white(chrome), and blue. and the other is going to be a .22 for mom becuse it has 1022 in the SN. and the lowers are anodized blue and mom liked the color.

    so whats yalls recomendations for fun and odd calibers to find deals on?
  2. glock19 lover

    glock19 lover

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    Sep 7, 2008
    :wavey: nice collection so far...if you want a 10mm then get a 10mm that's the beauty of America you can buy what ever makes you happy. Well not me cause I'm in California:crying: :rofl:
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  3. gearjammer351

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    Dec 7, 2007
    Honestly, I think you need to work on your proofreading. I stopped reading your post because it was too frustrating.

    I'm not a grammar Nazi, but even a grammar Hello Kitty would smack you for that post.