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I’ve been a dedicated handgun hunter for the last 25+ years.

I used a scoped Ruger Super Redhawk in .44 Magnum for a lot of those years. For about the last 10 years I’ve been using a scoped T/C Contender in 7-30 Waters. My pet load is 139gr Hornady SST over Varget. Love this handgun. Have taken several deer with it.

My alternate is a Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 Magnum. I had to add a Burris Fastfire 3 the last couple of years because it’s been getting harder and harder to cleanly see the front sight. Favorite load is 240gr Hornady XTP over H110.

Because of some medical issues, I can’t hunt the big, deep woods of PA like I normally would be doing on Saturday. A buddy of mine invited me to hunt from his property so I only have a short walk from the truck to get to the stand. I’m thinking I’ll be using the SBH. Have it dialed in at 50 yards….longest shot looks to be about 75 yards.
Good luck Steve! I will be out there Saturday too with my Savage 99.

I've hunted on my friends farm for ~ 40 years. Used to be great. But it borders some public hunting ground that gets pounded. With the increased # of tags last 10 years, the deer populaton in the area is way low.

Still, the tradition runs deep here. So I still go with my friend & my brother.
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