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What did I do wrong?

  1. I've been field stripping and cleaning my Glock for a long time and never had this happen before. Somehow something got screwed up when I put the recoil spring and slide/frame back together and now it won't work, and I can't use the take down pin to take it apart.

    Any suggestions?

    Here is a pic of what is looks like now:

  2. probably have the spring in backwards.

    If the gun is NOT LOADED point in a safe direction pull the trigger and see if it will come apart.
  3. No, the spring is not in backwards, as you can tell from the pic.

    But....I pulled the trigger, very hard, and ... presto, came apart.


    I suspect what happened is that I did not put the slide on the frame properly and misaligned slide to frame, somehow.

    I suspect it was a combination of beer and fatigue. This was the seventh pistol I had cleaned, and last, of course.

    And, no, there is no ammo anywhere near these pistols.
  4. I think you had the guide rod improperly seated on the barrel locking lug.
  5. +1.
    I think I may have done that once.
    Got too comfortable stripping and reassembling in front of the TV.
    Not really paying attention at all - LOL!
    Glocks are simple.
    But you probably really should look at it as you assemble - LOL!

    I try to pay a little more attention these days...
  6. Yeah the only times that something similar have happened to me it because the recoil spring wasn't seated properly.
  7. This.

    I have done this several times.
  8. You sure? :tongueout::rofl:

    Glad you got it back together.
  9. The XD is famous for that issue. I'll admit that I had to take a hammer to mine to get it unstuck.
  10. +2... Friend tried to assemble my **** and I had to beat his ass for messing with my baby.
  11. If you would have twisted the recoil rod it would have went back in
  12. Don't sweat it, a friend of mine assembled with his barrel in upside down...

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  13. Yes, thanks, that may well be it.
  14. Wow, how is that even possible? I do not think I'll try to find out.
  15. Funny!

    That's a clip of dummy rounds for my Garands, .30-06.

    If there was a handgun that shot .30-06...well...wow, that would be a handful, pardon the pun.
  16. If you can get the slide back enough to take the backing plate off you might be able to get it off.
  17. Tompson Center Contender, in 30-06? :tongueout:

  18. Got my vote :upeyes::upeyes::upeyes::upeyes::upeyes::upeyes:
  19. hate when that happens. :whistling:

    Odd. In all the years I've been aware of the XD this is the first time ever I have heard that.

    Ever. :whistling:
  20. Actually, I'm pretty sure now that was it.
  21. I....just find this a little funny. Even though that is a clip and not a mag. lol

  22. If you would have bothered to read the comment thread you would see that those are dummy rounds of .30-06.

  23. holy bat poop batman
  24. Actually...here is a Magnum Eagle Pistol in .30-06

  25. Just wanted to say thanks for the quick replies and helpful responses, got me back in business in no time.

    Hoorah, for GlockTalk.
  26. I love it. A Glock owner and an M1 Garand owner at the same time. Have fun.
  27. Have fun with both!
  28. That is, indeed, a T/C Contender. It is NOT chambered in 30-06, at least not by anyone who wants to shoot it more than once.

    The T/C Encore, however, IS chambered in 30-06, and a host of other seemingly insane cartridges for a handgun of its size.

    It's not as bad as you'd think.

  29. Thanks for the fix. I know tompson center does crazy pistols, but I don't know their whole line. I'd be interested to try it. Something tells me, it's as bad as I think it'd be.
  30. as always with a Glock.....no matter what, you can get a trigger pull