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What did BMW do to the M3 and M4?

  1. Its all down hill from here.
  2. I don’t mind it. Would look a lot better without the stupid front license plate.
  3. I think i like it
  4. It started with Audi.
  5. I like big grills and I can not lie
  6. I like it
  7. Rolls Royce grills are getting smaller, while BMW grills are getting larger.
  8. Bmw had it right in 1979 on the 320 .... now its like a side of beef hanging out front.
  9. 06_E36 M3 front potrait in Laguna Seca Blue.jpg

    My E 36 325 i bmw looks about right to me.. mine is red...
  10. Better cooling?
  11. The long-time director of BMW's M project now works for Hyundai. Keep an eye on Hyundai's N (Nürburgring) project vehicles. HH
  12. I kind of like it myself.
  13. I dig the green one.
  14. Both of those grills are fugly.
  15. bmw1.jpg
  16. I've never been too concerned about the grills on any vehicle.

    But everybody knows the difference between a BMW and a Porcupine I'm sure.
  17. I like it, but I'm a BMW fanboy...
  18. I'll take it over the boring lozenges they were selling in the 2000s. It's like they decided to "blend in" with cars half their price.
  19. I agree. They sorta lost that BMW "look" after that. I had a '98 and loved driving it but hated paying for tires and brakes.
  20. Kinda makes them look like Edsels. :(

    My favorite M4 has treads and a 75/76 mm gun.
  21. Looks like a double Alfa Romeo grille.
  22. I suspect it is for function. With the 60hp bump, probably needed bigger intercoolers and cooling.

    Or since Oktoberfest was canceled and people working from home, the designers were drinking all day long and came up with that "bold new look" while on a drunken zoom meeting...
  23. Mo plastic, less weight? Mo cheaper to make?

    Nothing is as ugly as Toyota & Lexus. Good cars, but downright ugly. My '16 4Runner's front end might be nearly as ugly as any Lexus, but I can't see it from behind the wheel.
  24. That grill is bad. You know it's bad when they even realize and put on a euro number plate into the pics to cut up how bad the grills look now. It's a shame cause the power numbers and such were sounding really good too.
  25. with more power, comes more heat, you have to get airflow .
    turbos need airflow for intercoolers, especially if they are going to be used on a track.
  26. I would think that from the drivers seat running through the gears it wouldn't look bad at all
  27. It kinda looks like an Edsel.
  28. Lexus set the new standard for ugly. BMW is just trying to catch up in the ugliest car sweepstakes.
  29. I kinda like it.
  30. Toyota and BMW came out with the Supra

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  31. Actually, that is typical. When you look at German manufacturers, they always release picture of their new cars with European (German plates). As front plates are very much required in Germany, they are always pictured with plates...

    And I can predict the future.

    The next BMW that is shown after this one... the license plate will have an "M" as the first digit..

    The next new Porsche will have "S" as the first digit of the license plate.....
  32. Like most are saying, I can't get over those grills (even though they do pay an homage to the past). I'm sure it'll grow on me the more I see them on the road.

    Also, the M now stands for ///Marketing.
  33. I like some of the big Audi and Lexus grills but these are ugly. I was thinking of jumping back to a BMW 2 or 4 series as I liked my e92 coupe which was in between the two in size. This definitely has me not getting the 4.
  34. I think we have one of these in my town... BMW I8.... a real head turner. I saw a sleek and mean looking car go by me, and I think it was this one.

  35. The svx of today. Looks like a rocket ship but it's kinda slow and over priced
  36. Reminds me a bit of an Alfa Romeo times two-but I kinda dig the new look
  37. As a former and multiple BMW owner all I can say about that grill work is No!
  38. They remind me of large insects.
  39. I don’t care for the plastic looks, makes it look cheap and those cars for sure aren’t cheap

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  40. Dont think thats very nice. I did buy my bmw convert with brand new unused turn signal bulbs. Never used by orig owner.

    But.. do you know the difference between a harley and a hoover ??

    The position of the dirtbag..
  41. Have you ever seen a late 80's Cavalier? :couch: :D
  42. I pulled out many of the 200 watt bulbs in my garage on my daughters side.. where her cobalt is.. now have 100 watt bulbs so my neighbors dont see the car as easily. The bmw is easy to see from the street. Which is fine.
  43. I
    I like big girls, too
  44. an M4 was going to be my next car but not with that grill. The current 3 series and z4 grill is the biggest I'd go. So I'm probably on my last BMW.
  45. They released a new 440i pic without a front license plate....that grill is just bad!

  46. Looks 10 times worse without the euro plate.
  47. AE90BC48-4BD7-4E94-822A-A05C5CC7DBCD.jpeg I like my e90 M3
  48. i think they look sharp