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What cartridges (pistol) do you trust in FMJ?

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For me, the only pistol caliber cartridges I trust in FMJ would be .357mag and .45 Auto.
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I guess the way I see it, there are so many better options in just about every application, I can't think of why, except, no other choice. FMJ's have so many marginal attributes, they go through flesh in a very streamlined manner (mostly leaving a smaller than caliber hole in their wake). They tend to steer very weird courses. Sometimes that trait can be fortuitous (Jack Ruby comes to mind), sometimes less than desirable. In any case, the shooter has less control over where it is going to end up than just about any other option.
Yes I meant compared to the other FMJ calibers.

In any event if someone is hung up on non expanding bullets for SD there is the option of using the XP and XD rounds from Underwood. Not sure if they match modern expanding bullets but I am sure they're much better than FMJ for SD.
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