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What cars of today will be “classics” in the future?

  1. I’m guessing mostly the sports cars: Corvettes, Porsches, Mustangs, etc.

    Well, maybe not Mustangs... but all the same, it’s hard to imagine a lovingly restored and detailed Nissan Rogue making its’ rounds at a classic car show 40 years from now. :dunno:
  2. 2019 Corvette, especially, upper trims. Being the last of the front engines will be a thing, I would guess.

    The 2004-2006 Ford GT will continue to appreciate, in value. Hard to believe what the command, now.

    My 1995 Buick Roadmaster Estate wagon should be worth a small fortune, in forty years. In the two years I’ve had it, the value seems to have risen a lot.

    I just hope there’s cool cars still on the road, in forty years. These electrics just don’t do it, for me. Even in the hyper-cars.
  3. Cadillac CTS V probably, especially the wagons. They already command a premium.
  4. I'm guessing Mustang will have some representation. The fox bodies are already popping up at car shows and have some presence at Barrett Jackson.
  5. Very few will.
    Most of the cars today are meant to be disposed of long before they can achieve classic status.
    Corvettes being an exception.
    I would rather have a Mustang, but I doubt that there will be nearly as many of them left in 20 years as there will be Vettes.
  6. Hellcat
    High end super cars
    Ford's GT40 models
    Lexus LFA (for sure)
    Acura NSX
    Anything with a more limited production.

    I'd say corvettes will get hurt less than other cars, but it will take a long time for them to be collectible. It will have to be in a unique limited trim, color, and engine combination

    Mustangs: the Shelby models before Carroll died.

    Cadillac made a 6 cylinder CTS with a 6 speed manual transmission for 1 year about 12 years ago. There were very few built (<100 I think). They had to be ordered from the factory specifically that way. Hopefully a few of those survive or get put back. They will be wanted by true collectors.

    The problem is most of these cars are purchased new at such a premium over sticker. Collectible? yes. Investment? no. If you annualize the returns and the carrying costs there are better places to make money. But I continue to look. Every motorhead has a grail car for his own reasons. I've been looking for a restored 1970 Torino GT in a specific color for years.
  7. I can’t think of any.... The massive use of plastics that turn to dust over time will make in next to impossible to source reproduction parts in the future.
  8. Whatever is in the high school parking lot today. It is all about the memories.

    Stuff like this is skyrocketing today; higher than the old muscle cars in many cases.

  9. The new Ford Branco will definitly be a classic
  10. Nothing.
    40 years from now, any gasoline powered vehicles will likely be illegal. Green New Deal and all.
  11. Prius.
  12. Suburau WRX
  13. I saw a Renault Encore for sale today.
    For reals.
  14. Hard to say. I have a neighbor with a 76? Pinto wagon in mint condition that he takes to shows. Bet no one saw that coming back then.
  15. Smart cars.
  16. What about the Toyota FJ Cruiser? Those suckers have already gone up in value and have been out production only for 5 years or so.
  17. my Maggot will still b e around... 92152233_10156902664436674_2087319759002533888_n.jpg
  18. Pretty sure my e90 M3 will eventually be a classic.
  19. Same goes for Ford Excursion and Jeep Commander as far as mysterious value rise...but unlike those two I could see the FJ gaining classic status. The 90's Bronco is heading there.
  20. Ford GT, Dodge Vipers, ZR1 Vettes, Shelby Mustangs, Alfa Romeo 4C, V12 Mercedes G65, Mercedes SLS Black Series, BMW i8, then your typicals... Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Pagani, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, McLaren.
  21. Manual E92's especially.
  22. I bought new and still drive my 2000 single cab Silverado. Oddly, people have been wanting to buy it recently. Not sure why but if they ever offer enough I'll sell it and invest in my 70 C-10.
  23. I came to post the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

    Last year I paid pretty much the same as what it cost new is 2012.
  24. They got hot suddenly. Probably a lot of people that wanted them back in high school and now going back to pick them up.

    Or they were big Ice fans

  25. I can’t believe how much FJs are selling for, yet they are discontinued and Ford is copying them. Are they too expensive to make and get a profit?
  26. NONE
  27. And they'll do electric swaps just like they do LS swaps.
  28. 1st model of Prius, which does not look like the current version at all.

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  29. Honda CRX and '01 Prelude, Mazda Miata, Suzuki Samurai, '02 VW Cabriolet, Mercury Marquis

    Some of these are no longer "cars of today" but should increase in value.
  30. PBCounty named one. Excursion is a great call. Especially the diesel powered 4wd model.
  31. 2006 Zo6 Corvette. Timeless classic Corvette looks. The newer generations are all too ugly. And the early Zo6's walked the walk.

    2003-2004 Mach1 and Cobra Mustangs. With some work, these cars come alive. Excellent sleepers. 600hp from the 4.6 is Childs play. Just cut me a check.

    Alex Zanardi spec. Honda NSX's. Special tuned suspension brings a fine handling car to a nation that has no idea how suspension should feel.

    Ford GT. 1st gen. The fact that these are some of the most absurdly bad sports cars ever made, is kinda endearing. Like a modern day Delorean. Prototype had pushrod suspension, and a MSRP under $100k. Boy did they F that up.

    First Gen Vipers and Viper GT's. Later Vipers lacked the style and ''feel'' of the originals. Everything special about the first gen was lost, until the ACR models came out. Aside from Caterham, this might be the last decent roadster ever sold in the US.
  32. This is a possibility, Toyota Tundra is switching over to a V6 hybrid next year I think. No more V8s.
  33. Look the word up. NONE!

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  34. I think any 2 door car. Anything with a manual transmission.
  35. Manual transmissions on sports cars will add and are currently adding a nice premium. Especially, cars from the last 12-15 years with low production numbers. Ferrari 599's and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640's are seeing a huge premium over their paddle shift models. The Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV in a manual could fetch $1 million at auction. I think only 2 exist in the US. Their pull is in being "the last of the manual V12's". If Ferrari or Lamborghini offers something gated like Porsche did after initially cancelling them, then those will tank in value.
  36. I like the 2 doors.

    But my 4 door is super useful as a “family” car.

    Luckily I have the manual. I do wish mine had the winter package. I would really like heated seats.
  37. Anything with a straight four or six, carburetor, no electronics or computer, manual transmission, crank windows, no power steering or brakes, cast iron block, you get the picture.

    Air cooled is also acceptable.
  38. Same. My 2002 Silverado single cab short bed still going strong with 354K miles. Have a 2018 Silverado but not selling my 2002. Parts getting really cheap on it too. A lot of people asking about if I will sell it but nobody coming with any real money yet. Probably won't even then. It's wroth more to me than what anyone would pay for it. Plus it's my dog Sara's truck now. She loves that truck and would break her heart if I sold it.
  39. Any new car that lasts 25 years will be a miracle, not just a classic.

    It's called 'planned obsolescence'.
  40. 025D1A9B-085B-4F11-BB15-EFED5EF8EFC6.jpeg 5CB6179C-F103-43A5-B8CA-81EFD601E734.jpeg 5D41F024-4573-4042-9154-6F18A7C52726.jpeg D71C2763-F91E-493D-B80A-72E1DA698B6F.jpeg 6560827D-13EF-4ADA-BA93-9E54193B7C6E.jpeg 3ED66ABA-B912-4827-A7E8-BC1EA751B788.jpeg D7B58023-4CAF-45FE-8923-B1CBBEC90CD4.jpeg 0FA33964-4132-4891-8443-E5A1149D8399.jpeg 5C5451B2-96EF-41F0-983F-7FCDA4ED8A91.jpeg 73ACDD92-7D36-4B6B-BE8E-C5BAC8D14003.jpeg 2013 - 2014 mustang gt. 1st gen coyote 5.0 motor , only two years to have this front end and tail lights. Last years of the solid rear axle also. Has the old school fog lights in the front grille. Mine is the six speed manual and suped up a little bit and just feels raw / unrefined when putting power to the wheels. Very fun to drive. The looks just are retro cool with the S197 mustangs ( 2005 - 2014). I am / was a big fan of the 80’s fox bodies and they are starting to definitely become collectible , just trying to find a clean one and get the power out of the old 5.0’s to even get close to the coyote is gonna cost some money. Heck , most foxes are simply drag cars now. My buddy has a 2019 gt , and it’s a fantastic ride and fast , just more refined is all I can say , and a little more euro looking with the body lines. I think the 4 valve S197’s in the next decade or two will be the equivalent of the late 60’s and mid to late 80’s mustangs as far as people wanting them. Fun factor and smiles per gallon are a 10/10 IMHO
  41. Hers a modern day classic. 2003 E39 540i m sport. The so called "baby M5" it's essentially an m5 with 100 less hp and much better reliability. In fact is rarer than an M5. Only 1200 were imported and less than half were 6 sp manual trans(like mine). IMG_20200725_164007125.jpg IMG_20200725_163950853_HDR.jpg
  42. Bet that Beamer is fun in stick! Nice ride
  43. Thanks. Yep it's a blast! I like it more than my 2010 335 that has about 150 more hp.
  44. Basically, any Mustangs that survive their owners.
  45. A mint condition minivan.
  46. Maybe the Chevy SS, a 4-door sedan with a Corvette engine? Don
  47. The Sienna is going all hybrid. The Tundra isn't changing (at least next year).
  48. Aztec. The Gremlin of its time.
  49. If you want to get in early, I’ll take 50k for my 2019 Ridgeline...
  50. I wonder what happened to Walter's Aztek after filming? Probably the only Aztek worth something.