What Book To Read? If You're Concerned About "Islam", Read This!

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    I ran across this book in a thrift shop recently, and I bought it only because I have long admired it's author; Walid Phares; Name sound familiar? I'm guessing you've seen him on your TV but don't recall his name. I have been curious about him for years now; Goggle his name; when a whole page comes up, select Wikipedia; reading the man's bio on Wiki is more interesting than reading most novels!

    From his looks, I had always assumed that he was from the "Middle East"; as it turns out, Dr. Phares is now an American Citizen, born and raised in Beirut in 1957, and emigrated to the U.S. in 1990;
    Wiki has this to say about him;

    Phares is an American citizen and a Christian Maronite of Lebanese origin. He was born on December 24, 1957, grew up in Beirut, and emigrated to the United States in 1990. He holds undergraduate degrees in law, political science, and sociology from Saint Joseph University and the Lebanese University in Beirut. Following his undergraduate studies, Phares practiced law in Beirut for a period of time, then went on to obtain a master's degree in international law from the Université de Lyon in France and a PhD in international relations and strategic studies from the University of Miami.

    Why is this book so interesting you may ask?

    IMO, Walid Phares has a greater and very detailed understanding of terrorists, terrorism, and Islam, than quite possibly any other man alive at this time. I have always been very reluctant to say that I "despise" any person's race or religion; I still feel that way about a person's race; and I have even considered that there must even be a few Muslims that I could find common ground with. I have found in the past several years that the more I learn about Islam, the more I'm beginning to realize why so few people have any sort of a real idea of just what Islam is all about. I don't feel like hating anything OR liking anything until (and unless) I have a clear understanding of what it's all about.

    I'm about half way into this book now, and my knowledge and understanding of Islam has already increased exponentially; and I'm guessing that anyone reading this book through will become about 100 times as knowledgeable about Muslims and Islam than 99.9% of Americans (and most "westerners") are. I read a lot; probably more than most people I know; but in spite of that, I almost never read anything as detailed and as "scholarly" as this book is. I can say this on GT because I don't believe there are many liberals here to take offense........I'm sure most on GT have noticed by now how most all liberals have seemed to have suddenly become great "champions" of the Muslims that have literally flooded the U.S., particularly since the current "resident" of our White House has become a "squatter" there; Phares mentions not a single word in his book about U.S. politics; rather, he explains Islam in all of it's convoluted history; it's up to the reader to use that knowledge as to how all of this affects this country. If I'm mistaken, and if there are any liberals reading this, I challenge you now to obtain a copy tomorrow of:

    "Future Jihad"
    "Terrorist Strategies Against The West"

    By Walid Phares

    The Washington Times has this to say;
    "...exposes the jihad's true nature......Phares book raises important issues that need to be considered for effective counterterrorist strategies"

    If you ask any liberal today about Islam, you'll immediately get a lengthy diatribe about "Islam being a religion of peace", etc etc etc etc etc; all of which demonstrates to anyone with common sense and functioning eyesight.......that few (if any) liberals have the slightest idea of what Muslims, Islamists, or terrorists are "all about" and what their ultimate "aim" really is!

    If you can convince me that you have read this book cover to cover, I will gladly buy the book back from you and donate it to someone else who is unable to buy a copy of it.
    I get the impression that most people assume that the Muslims have somehow become suddenly "pissed off" at westerners in the last few decades and are now thinking of ways to "get back at us"; anyone assuming that is way off of the mark; the Muslims have been trying to "figure out" how to kill every "infidel" on earth, (that's you) (unless you happen to already be a Muslim, in which case, you probably have about a 15% chance of being the "right kind" of a Muslim! (If you're not the "right kind", then they STILL want you DEAD! )

    I happen to be a member of another forum that has nothing to do with guns or weapons of any kind; this other forum does have a LOT of liberals on it: I also happen to have met a REAL, LIVE, Palestinian Muslim in Indianapolis maybe 2 years ago, or a little less; I had a very "educational" 9 hour conversation with this fellow; I regard him as being a fairly typical Muslim at this point in time; Now....I have been dealing with the "********" on the forum that I mentioned for about two years now; I know exactly how these fools think, relative to Islam; they are are exactly like all parrots! They DON'T "think" at all! They merely "mimic"........in this case, their "world view" is precisely what Obama has very cleverly "programmed" then to "think"! Guess what? He has even succeeded in programming Hillary Clinton! The libs all have the preposterous notion that as long as they "champion" the muzzies, the muzzies will then "like" the libs, and will then give THEM "a pass"! I kid you not! The guy looks me in the eye and tells me that "they" (the REAL Muslims) will KILL the "wanna be" black Muslims FIRST!

    I discussed all of this with my one "more or less "peaceful" Muslim that I mentioned; one of the main things I inquired about was, "how do you feel about the members of the "Nation of Islam"; (I wish every black person is this country would have heard this) His answer; " They are not Muslims at all"! They are .......( about half of what this guy said and did was either in Arabic or with "hand gestures" ); his most often used "gesture" being the old "imaginary knife across the throat, ear to ear"! He used that one when I referred to our resident black Nation of Islam followers, and also when I inquired as to how Muslims view homosexuality; both drew the "finger/knife across the throat; also.......ask any Sunni his view of any Shia......same thing! (the Muslims have been at war with themselves for 950 years now! )

    Anyone who has announced to the world that they perceive me as being their enemy, and therefore want to see me dead..........I intend to know just as much about them as I possibly can; this book by Walid Phares has already increased my knowledge of this subject about 900%, and I'm still only half way through it so far! That's why I think everyone in the western world needs to read it. ( I haven't proofed all of this yet, so please forgive any typos. )

    Charley C
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