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What Beretta 92-series mags to use?

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So a couple months back, I bought 6 new fifteen-round mags for a future 92FS purchase. However, in hindsight, I kinda want a few more rounds. This is going to be purely a plinking and home-defense gun (but mostly plinking), not a carry gun. However, for the size of the gun, I kind of want magazines that are higher capacity.

I've heard that some of the higher-cap mags can have reliability problems. Is this true, and if so, which ones? And which mags should I get for it? Any specific brands you would recommend?

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MecGar makes a 18 round mag for the 92,great mags got some over a year ago and never had a problem.They also make a 17 rounder.I think Glock and MecGar make the best mags in the business and they are very well priced.They are kind of hard to find now but I'm sure they'll come around.Greg Cotte has them most of the time so check them out.
I just signed up for I could get lost on that site! Gonna go check out GC too, thanks!
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