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What are you paying for 223/5.56 ammo?

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I'm in NW Oregon. I buy Federal American Eagle 55gr 5.56 for $.30/round ($6 a box of 20) when on sale locally - $.37/round when it is not. I also buy Tula, (which I like ), for $.24/round delivered (advertised price is $.20/round before shipping). I am not aware of any distributors within pickup distance.
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The pendulum has swung the other way over this past year. Many of the online dealers have periodic "free shipping" deals. Buy as much as you can afford or (hide from your wife!)

I'm just starting to ramp up reloading. I've cast/powder coated over 4000 rounds of various calibers. So far 124 SWC for 9mm, 158 SWC for 357/38 spec, and 230 round nose for .45. I also cast around 100 1oz slugs for 12ga.

In the mean time, I use and Targetsports, which is currently offering free shipping on selected calibers/brands.
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