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What are you favorite episodes of The Office?

  1. Dinner Party is amazing, and 'Conflict Resolution', where Micheal goes through a pile of outstanding complaints and Jim's pranks on Dwight get detailed is just epic.
  2. When Michael wants to be survivor man
  3. [​IMG]

  4. First aid!
  5. The CPR one above is great, there are a lot of great episodes, mainly when Michael Scott was still there. I finished it on netflix recently since I hadn't watched it since it aired originally except for random episodes on comedy central on sunday's haha. Such a great and funny show.
  6. Hate to be the wet blanket here, but the the original British show was far, far superior. HH
  7. The Injury is another gem.

  8. Michael: Who wants some man meat?

    Dwight: I do..I want some man meat!
  9. I can't believe some of the stuff they got away with on that show
  10. I'm on the 6th or 7th watch through and it just doesn't get old. Absolutely my favorite show.
  11. From what I understand, kelly actually wrote a number of the shows. She's very funny and talented.
  12. BJ Novak wrote some as well...
  13. I've come to the conclusion he is the worst character on the show. Gabe is right behind.

    Early on Ryan was a decent character when he was the temp. After the Michael Scott Paper company was bought, his character was pointless and was background filler.
  14. I don't know. I had a different outlook on his character when I heard he wrote and produced a number of episodes.
    He's very talented
  15. We couldn't watch it.
    Many folks we know rave about it.
    We tried several times but couldn't get into it.
    We even tried from the beginning on the Netflix.
    No dice.
  16. The world was a different place, even those short few years ago. Makes you think.
  17. Looking at a list, my favorites were from the first few seasons.

    Dinner Party
    Dwight's Speech
    Sexual Harrassment
    Gay Witch Hunt
    CPR Dummy
  18. What happened, poor internet connection? Or dead on the inside?!?
  19. Anything with Pam.
  20. I could watch just about any episode before Steve Carell left and laugh pretty hard. It is a great show.
  21. Scott's Tots
  22. I can’t seem to post videos, but the Halloween episode where Creed (my favorite character) was covered in blood and makes the comment “it’s Halloween? That’s very convenient”. Creed was hysterical.
  23. Rainn Wilson is the man. You guys ever seen The Rocker?
  24. Toby, Paul Lieberstein, wrote, directed, and produced quite a bit on that show too.

    All the episodes are funny, it's tough to pick a favorite. The office parties and Dundees are great, and the final episode is awesome.

    I also like the ones with Robert California. James Spader plays the part extremely well, but I think I like those episodes because I worked for a guy that was very much like Robert California. His greatest talent was selling his own image, especially to upper management. Creepy guy.
  25. didn't know there was any
  26. The Dundee’s are a hoot. Stanley getting the diabetes award followed by, “get up here you sick bastard” is a riot!
  27. He was the ^*% Lizard King
  28. I thought he was hilarious also. His story at the end of the Halloween party was awesome.
  29. None. Inane show, AFAIAC.
  30. Well, thanks for posting!
  31. I loved whatever the last episode was....

    Actually never made it through a full show. The way they panned and zoomed the camera around made me feel like I was on a 4-ticket ride at the county fair.

    I know some of the tag lines from the show, but couldn't tell you anything about it.
  32. Glad it's not just me. I tried numerous times; but never got through a complete episode. Hell, I couldn't even get through the short clips in the early part of this thread.
  33. The smartest thing Kevin ever did, aside from the shoebox shoes, which were a huge conversation piece.