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What animal might have killed my friend's dog?

  1. He lives down in a semi-rural area. The chihuahua was in the back yard, 6' fence. In the morning my friend found just the head. Grass yard so no tracks. There are bobcats and coyotes in the area. Owl maybe?
  2. Any number of predators will leave the head.
  3. Multiple Coyotes would be my guess.
  4. If it's a good fence I'd bet on a bobcat. That said coyotes killed my mom's chihuahua several years ago. Could have been either. I'd bet an owl is unlikely.
  5. I would say coyotes because they can jump a 6-foot fence and they eat everything they can on a kill, and bobcats take the kill.
  6. Coyote stink. Jump a 6 foot fence like nothing.
    Have owls haunting the backyard trees couple times a week now. Two were out this morning. Wait till sun up before the mutts can go outside.
  7. Man, that is a heck of a downer finding poor little doggy like that. Little dog like that shouldn't be out at night. I'd guess coyotes. Bob cats usually take the whole thing away and dine later in secret.
  8. We live on a golf course and next to natural marsh, my neighbor let his dog out while he was getting ready to leave for work. Coyotes jumped the 6 foot block wall and killed his Maltese. Took less than 3 minutes.

    My guess is yotes.
  9. His new dog is a pit. It should fare better unless a whole pack jumps the fence. I don't know if he is still leaving his dog out at night.
  10. Think the coyotes will give that doggy a wide berth and look for easier pickings.
  11. Jackalope.....(25 footer)
  12. Hawk or owl could take out a chihuahua.
  13. One of my neighbors let his three Yorkies out just before bedtime. While the neighbor was dressing for bed, a pack of coyotes came into the yard and attacked them. Two of his dogs were dead before he could get outside to them; and the other was injured so badly that only intensive Vet work saved it.
  14. Coyote , 6' fence, wow. I have never seen this. We have shorter horse, goat type fence and I have never seen a coyote climb over them. I have seen fox go over a 7'+ wood slat fence, just ran up and over like it was nothing. I have never seen a Coyote sit and eat it's kill on site. They have always carried it away, my experience. Horned owls have been known to eat dogs and cats and they will consume bones and on site if they can't carry it away.

    Still amazed about the 6' fence. I knew fox would climb them. My wife watched a fox climb a tree in our backyard and eat the seeds out of a feeder.
  15. In a heart beat.
  16. I had no idea coyotes could jump a fence.

    I just got some miniature horses. I guess I need to figure out something.
  17. Even a Raccoon could kill a chihuahua without any problem.
  18. Coyotes don't usually eat dogs, they kill them for territory. If it was eaten, it was probably an owl. We have a big horned owl in our neighborhood that kills rabbits in our yard now and then. Not much left but fur and bones.
  19. Very sad. We have a Chihuahua. We don't let her out without us. Only off the leash in my parents' backyard with us there with her. And only before twilight.

    And one of us, at least, is armed. Their yard borders on woodland, and they have fox, bobcat, coyote, bear, hawks & owls about with some frequency. Not to mention raccoons which will walk right into the house if you leave a door open.
  20. Hawks don't feed at night. I've found several owl pellets over the years and have never seen bones the size a chihuahua would have in the pellets. In my area we have great horned and barred owls.
  21. I have a 5.5' foot vinyl fence and I've seen them come in one side, and go right over the other.
  22. Luca Brasi
  23. Coyote did it.
  24. Coyotes and bobcats can easily jump a 6' fence.
  25. Wasn't there just a thread on here about a neighbor asking for suggestions about a rural area neighbor's dog attacking him?
  26. Sleeps with the fishes.
  27. True but not true. While true they won't tolerate other canines, especially in areas of their young, they actively hunt and eat dogs too.
  28. Lets hope the genius learned a lesson here.
  29. Off topic a bit: A raccoon was hanging around a few summers ago, getting braver every day. Never bothered my cats, except to eat up all the leftover food. One evening I went out to my work shop where some of my cats live, and the raccoon was sprawled out on one of the cat beds.
  30. If the head was still there and all other bones were gone it was probably a 4legged critter. an owl might carry a 4# chihuahua away and consume at leisure. Regardless it probably would not eat the head. A fox or a pair of foxes could do that dee. Probably couldnt carry the whole dog over the fence. Foxes will work in pairs at times. Makes it easier for them to catch and eat cats. Sounds like whatever was big enough and sturdy enough to separate and eat the bones. Foxes, coyote, bobcat. Sounds like bobcats like take out food, so it narrows down to fox and coyote.

    Depending what time the owner was out and about, it would only take a very few minutes for a redatail or even an eagle tto snack on a chihuahua. Crack of dawn is hunting hour.
  31. We have coyotes and at one time, large Owls and even Bald Eagles. The Eagles and a nest in a tree right next to our property.

    Never let the Yorkie out alone. Especially @ dawn or dusk.

    When I take him for a walk in the evening I always have a heavy walking stick, a bright flashlight and a .38 or a .380.

    I'm happy the Eagles have moved on. I would not want to have to kill one defending my dog. From what I understand "saving your dog" is not considered an affirmative defense as far as the US Government is concerned.

    SO how did Lassie get away with fighting off a Bald Eagle every 5th or 6th episode? :dunno:
  32. Rattleheadedcoppermocassin… :innocent:
  33. When I was in the Army at Ft. Bliss for desert warfare training, I was guarding a temporary ammo dump in the middle of the desert all by my lonesome overnight. Coyotes came near the dump and were yelping to each other. I think they were cooperatively hunting something out there (not me). I had a M-16 and a magazine of ammo-BTW.
  34. Stories like this are why I keep my kitters and newest pup indoors. 'Bout a year old lab/dane mix, big SOB but has all the fight of a wet noodle. Mostly wants to slobber all over you and roll on his back to get his tummy scratched. I reckon he'd last maybe 2 seconds against a coyote, maybe not even that. He's stuck downstairs though, wife won't let him upstairs once she realized he was tall enough to grab things off the table without even stretching.....

  35. This reminds me of a friend here in Florida had a beautiful Parrot and he hung the cage from a tree in his yard and in the morning the parrot was gone but the cage was closed and locked. There was only 3 feathers left on the bottom of the cage! He could not understand how the parrot escaped so I had to tell him the Bad News! Very stupid and sad!
  36. My parents had a springer spaniel that would climb right over their chain link fence. I'm guessing the fence was 5.5 ft high. At first the dog would dig under a bit and the push itself through. So I dug trenches along the bottom and stapled landscape timbers. The dog still got out.

    So I watched him through a window and he actually climbed right up and over. His paws spread out like fingers. He could hold himself with the claws and up/over he went.
  37. deleted because I was FOS.
  38. I thought the same thing...I bet it was him
  39. My owl has about a 8 foot wingspan.. rabbits are just a snack food.. dog that size easy
  40. Bull. What species of owl has an 8' wingspan?
  41. eagles are no joke for small pets up north as well.
  42. Wait until a moonlit night and throw a bunch of pork chops in the yard. Then sit in an overlooking window with the lights off and a rifle and be ve-wy ve-wy quiet. Not only will you learn the identity of the perpetrator, but you'll have your revenge.
  43. If I had to bet? Coyote. I know a person that heard a noise. They went on the back porch and a Coyote was literally dragging their small dog off in the brush. They grabbed a stick and gave Chase. They were able beat the Coyote off and the dog was slightly injured but ok.
  44. Those are not owls. That’s the coyote hunt leader coordinating the kill. Listen to that guttural end of the call.
  45. Let my dogs out in the morning a few weeks back and they were looking at something in the lawn and then back at me, just acting strangely. I went out and found this in the grass. A coyote had brought in a cat into my yard had dinner and then left.

  46. Sad story, Inyo Tim. Any man that would regularly/purposely leave a Chihuahua out overnight, especially in a rural area, can only be one of two things regarding his pet Chihuahua: stupid or uncaring. Sometimes I think people like that just shouldn't have pets or children, but that's just me.
  47. A Cowl. It's half Condor, half Owl.
  48. Nice to read I’m not the only one who won’t let my dogs out at night without me and the appropriate accoutrements.
    I hunt and hike the 400 acre property across the street. This past week I’ve been photographing bobcat and coyote tracks.
    Last night was very weird, it seemed 2 separate coyote packs were hunting my area. Did someone kill an Alpha recently?
  49. Burro patrol...they hate dogs.
  50. Was there any evidence of The Acme Rocket Company? Empty crates? Any thing like that?