What am I doing Wrong?

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    Jun 12, 2007
    I listen & follow every piece of advice given here by those much more experienced in dog training than myself!

    I have bought the recommended books, READ them, and followed THAT advice.

    I have taken my puppy in for vet appointments as requested and have kept her shots up to date. She's on all the preventative medication for fleas, ticks, heartworms suggested by my vet.

    I spent hours researching quality dog food & treats based on recommendations here & from my vet. I have her on Innova - Evo....

    And I've ended up with a GREAT dog. Not perfect. But loyal, bonded, 99% obedient, 99% housebroken (still a few little accidents, but only when *I* haven't done my job). She's an absolute JOY to be around. She brings me more pleasure than I could have ever thought. And I know things are going to get better as she gets older!

    Thanks for all the advice. IT DOES WORK!

    Now a question. My vet has recommended puppy school and obedience classes as age appropriate for Molly. I have no problem with this. What do I look for when talking to prospective trainers, etc. How do I find a good trainer? My vets office has a tech that offers "puppy kindergarden" but no other obedience training. Are there benefits? I understand that its for socialization and basic commands with the adult classes being more specific.
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    I cannot offer much about choosing a trainer but will offer this:

    1) get your dog started at home on basic commands and socialized a little in pet stores and parks first before enrolling in puppy class. You don't want want to use your classes as your socialization because the pup probably won't listen. Use the puppy class as distraction training, which means the dog should already have a base knowledge of the commands. Also make sure the pup is OK with being on leash before the class. No need to pay someone for that.

    2) I didn't use a trainer for my two GSDs. I learned a lot from the puppy training video offered by www.Leerburg.com. I get compliments on on my two GSDs' behavior at the park all the time. Great videos.

    I don't know what kind of pup you have nor its age but if you can imprint his/her prey drive early, the training should go easier. You can find more about this in the video I mentioned. Note that not all dogs have high prey drive, but this training method is all I am really familiar with.