What All Do I Need?

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by ede, Jul 10, 2004.

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    Jun 25, 2004
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    to shoot the match. i'm preregestered, but haven't got anything back from glock. i know a gun, or two. ammo how many rounds? holster? mag pouch? ear plugs, glasses? what do i need? what do i have to have? thanks
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    All of your questions can be answered at GSSF On Line :)
    However I will try to help you out.
    You can shoot up to 6 catigories if you have a subcompact Glock.
    You will need about 107 rounds to shoot 1 catigory, however I recomend 150 rds just in case you have to reshoot a catigory! No holster or mag pouches are required, the shooter starts from the "Low Ready" position! 4 mags would be a plus(Glock the Plates you shoot 4 times)! You can carry the Glock in a holster if you wish. I perfer to use a gun bag. Hearing and eye protection is required! A small clipboard and a pin is handy if you are going to keep track of your scores. Bottled water is also a plus!;) Insect repellent and a small folding chair or stool might be handy too. ]
    Me, my father-in-law and a friend shoot 12 GSSF matcher a year, I hope to see you at one!:)