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What About the Health Care Professionals (Blue Label)

  1. Let me start by saying I am medical personnel. So, I am biased. I had planned to send this as a private email to Glock, but, there is no email address on their website. I didn't even get a usable email when I registered my Glocks. Maybe they will read it here and have an answer.

    The Glock Blue Label program exists to assist and recognize the active military, first responders and law enforcement personnel. I applaud Glock for recognizing such vital community servants. I know they have to draw the line somewhere, but, what about the Nurses, Doctors, PAs and Nurse Practitioners (and other vital health care staff) that are in the trenches every day? They put themselves out there every day to serve the public. The recent Covid crisis is only a small piece of what these people do. It is getting publicity right now, but, the reality is, they deal with life and death stuff like this daily.

    So, how about it Glock? Can we get Blue Label status for health care professionals. At least certain times of year or during crisis times like now?
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  3. EMS first responders do, as well as military qualified medical folks, or do like I do, give your triage nurse daughter a G-26, and G-17 gen 4 (she’s a southpaw), Big Daddy takes care of his kids!!!
  4. How about Blue Label pricing for everybody everywhere who ever did anything decent at least once? After all, they have earned that distinction...I guess.
  5. My impression may be wrong but I thought the medical/health care profession, as a profession, see guns and gun deaths as a disease. I'm sure there are many individuals within the profession who are pro 2A or at least recognize the value of guns and self-protection.

    Sorry but not really seeing the tie in.
  6. Having been in the medical field for 10 years, I would say it is about 50-50. And it's also geographically based. Poll nurses and docs in San Francisco or NYC, 90% of them are hand-wringing liberals. Okie City or Tampa, the curve goes the other way.

    Just like any other profession.
  7. I agree with the OP with an income cutoff limit because docs making six figures don’t need the price break. But a CNA making $10/hour sure does, and it’s folks like that who are doing the menial work.

    I’m not in the medical profession myself.
  8. I would have no problem with Glock extending the Blue label program to physicians. Especially those that expose themselves to infected patients every time they go to work.
  9. It used to cover commercial pilots but doesn’t any longer. If they were covered, why not medical personnel? I don’t know. Meh. Just join GSSF and be done with it.
  10. Good. I like the discussion so far. That is what I was hoping for.

    As far as the medical profession seeing guns as bad, I don't see that as any different than the rest of the population. Most don't see guns as bad. Most of us see people as bad and they make bad choices. It isn't the gun that kills, it is the person pulling the trigger.

    My area is about 50/50. I started carrying because of situations that I am put in related to work. A large part of my practice is taking care of IV drug abuse patients. Most of them are good people with a bad problem. Some, however, don't like being told that they are not getting any more pain meds from me. I live in a relatively small community and am not hard to find or even follow home. I did have one of those patients stop by my house. He was harmless, but, it scared me and my family to think that it was that easy to find me.

    The true reason for posting this, however, is to gauge the support for the health care community right now. And to throw my support out there for them. Many of them are exposing themselves right now with risk to themselves and their families. And they do it because of their community service responsibility. Not their 6 figure incomes.

    So, thank you, to everyone who is taking care of our community. LEO, military, EMS, fire fighters and health care professionals.
  11. I believe that to be true. But it’s also hard to walk away from a six-figure income in this current situation if you are receiving one.
  12. I was under the assumption that the basic premise of the program was to offset some of the cost for those officers who are purchasing their own gun for work. It's clearly been expanded to other situations in the emergency responder world but I'd think going into the medical professional world is a real stretch.
  13. Now if we start arming our medical staff like our police forces, I'm all for it. At the end of the day Glock is a private company that can do as they please, the blue label program is more of a marketing tool than a charity program. I predict the more entitled folks get about the blue label program, the more likely they will restrict it further, not expand. As the poster above said join the GSSF and get your cheap gun and support the shooting sports all in one swoop.
  14. I am a retired surgeon and have been a member of several group practices in several different states. The majority of members of those groups have owned firearms.

    I don't know the exact percentage who did, but the ones that I happened to know to be gun owners constituted a majority in each group.

    I have come across a few physicians who were severely anti-gun but not many. I know far more who are pretty avid shooters.

    Don't listen to the hot air coming out of entities like the AMA or some specialty boards. Many of those ceased being representatives and advocates of working physicians a long time ago. The AMA looks out for and protects the interests of practicing doctors about as well as the US House of Representatives looks out for your interests.
  15. I agree that the more people added to a “reduced price list” will end up making the list get shorter in the end. Why does everyone want a handout these days based on a job title?

    People who carry guns for work(LEO/Military/private security) is one thing but others wanting a discount because they way to feel special is another. “I should get a blue label price as I’m an NRA pistol instructor” I wanted to throw up....everyone is looking for an angle and everybody gets a ribbon.

    Sorry y’all caught me on a sour day

    Curiosity question-how many PD’s allow personal weapons to be carried these days vs department issue? Most in my area are issued or they are given an “allowance” as to how much they can spend off an approved list of sidearms.
  16. Certainly you don't want to let a good crisis go to waste.
  17. this thread is awesome
  18. My cousin works for Sacramento metropolitan, he was given a list of choices and an allowance to purchase a sidearm, exactly as you describe. Full disclosure, I'm a military member and have yet to use the blue label program, though I may look into a G20 at some point. Trouble is, in California we can only purchase gen 3 new through the blue label program, though that is a result of our Sacramento overlords, not Glock.
  19. Get a BL Gen3 now, and nearly whatever you choose at your next duty station (in a free state).
  20. If I thought, for even a moment, that a 9mm could kill a rogue virus or infection, or protect a medical professional from a rogue virus or infection, I'd be all for it.

    Absent that, I'm pretty ambivalent.
  21. I was just about to say that I thought EMS did get it
  22. I'm in the reserves now, so not much chance of moving for a bit. I've been able to find whatever off roster guns I desire with a bit of patience and no problem with buying used.
  23. Thing is, the Blue Label program is a marketing strategy. Gaston wanted his guns to be seen as the "guns of professionals". So, the rest of us subsidize this strategy so that more police, etc. can purchase Glocks at discounted prices.

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  24. Good Post. ER nurse in level one inner city trauma center here. I've always said the blue label discount should extend to us as well. First receivers if you will. I work in a democratic run city and the vast majority of my colleagues are pro gun so yeah Glock lets see it.
  25. Here is the list, from the Glock website. I believe the program was initially designed and intended to help LEO's who have to purchase their own sidearm and/or BUG. It has since been expanded to help those who may face retribution for their actions in enforcing law. More fire and EMS agencies are issuing body armor to their personnel due to the perception of increasing threats. I know of some that are allowing firearms to be carried; though, they are the exception and a loaded firearm under bunker gear doesn't make sense.
    • Sworn Law Enforcement officers, including Federal, State, County & City also includes retired L.E. officers with “retired” credentials (LE Department Picture ID front & back)
    • EMT’s, Fire Fighters, Volunteer Fire Fighters, and Paramedics (with Picture ID from department front & back)
      Certifications alone are not authorized and do not qualify
    • Military personnel including Reservists and National Guard with I.D also includes retired Military with “retired” credentials
      (Military picture ID front & back)
      DD214/discharge papers do not qualify – If you cannot submit your ID please use our dealer locator to find a dealer in your area
    • Corrections Officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
      (LE Department Picture ID front & back)
    • State Licensed Security Companies (Loomis, RAM, etc.) Also includes State Licensed Armed Security Officers Employed by State Licensed Security Companies
      (with Employment Picture ID from company front & back) Certifications alone are not authorized and do not qualify
    • Court Judges
    • LE Academy Cadets with enrollment documentation from the Academy
    • GSSF Coupon Recipients should contact GSSF for more information

    In regard to including medical staff, that's a bigger stretch, in my mind. When I had to spend a week in the hospital, guarding a Mexican Mafia hitman we had in custody for multiple murders, I had a hell of a time trying to keep the medical staff safe. They didn't think anything about him being a bad guy. I regularly had to stop nurses and doctors as they came in with scissors or pens where he could grab them. Eventually, the lightbulb would come on, but they didn't have the same mindset as a professionally armed individual (should have). It blew my mind I had to explain not giving the hitman access to weapons, during care. When we got word some of his buddies were coming to break him out, the medical staff was really lost. It was a long week.
  26. A lot of the smaller agencies, in my area, require you to purchase your own firearm(s). Some may have an agency issued shotgun and/or rifle, others make you bring all your weapons. Almost no agencies, around here issue a BUG, even if they issue everything else.
  27. I'm not sure role you're in, in healthcare but there are a couple of ways to qualify. If you're an MD or DO you can become a medical director for an EMS Agency and you will get EMS agency credentials. Some PD SWAT or Tactical teams will use an MD, NP, RN for their team, and you'll get credentials that way. But either way will require you to spend a lot of time and training to get the discount.
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  29. Should be for Military and Law Enforcement.
  30. I have a tough, stressful job as well. Also considered an "essential " trade as far as Ohio's shut down guidelines go. Maybe I should get it too.
  31. There are plenty that currently qual for the discount who really don't need it. Very questionable based on the original intent and purpose of the discount.

    Law of human nature-- if it is being given away (at less than existing market value), people will take it, whether it is useful or applies to them.

    There should be a requirement that if they take the discount, they need to obtain a minimal level of training.
  32. When was the last time you saw an EMT carrying a weapon on duty? Glock needs to go back to true armed professionals for the discount.
  33. The vast majority of EMS companies expressly forbid it, most likely due to liability and insurance policy coverage issues.
  34. Last thing needed is an untrained, stressed, cowboy with control issues brandishing a weapon at a scene, or a healthcare facility.
  35. Wow.....seriously ignorant of the facts. I’m an RN and there are a lot of us who are gun enthusiast.
    I 100% agree with the original post. In the OR we are the ones who put back together those the police and EMTs deliver to our doors. We deal with the blood guts and gore, the dangers of MRSA, MDRO, CDiff.....
    We are in the trauma bay, rushing emergent cases directly to the OR, Massive Transfusion Protocol. Elbows deep in blood.
    Glock, RNs and Physicians for Blue Label.
    Do it for the Covid-19 and what we do each and every day way before the current crisis.
  36. Thanks for nothing.

    When do EMTs carry firearms?

    We have about 20 Covid-19 patients and increasing. We are not ‘ambivalent’ to them.
  37. Wow just wow I think my IQ dropped a few points with the last couple posts.....”do it for Covid19” really??

    When you rush out of the ER and into a burning building or kick in a door on a raid of a stash house, or stand watch for 12 hours to make sure no harm comes to people or property then you can have your Blue Label discount.
  38. Or maybe when you’re a judge or pay your $60 for the GSSF membership, you can get your Blue Label discount. Because those are apparently equivalent to “kicking down the door in a raid” or “standing watch for 12 hours.” :eyelashes:
  39. I was leaning more to the first responder vs first receiver comment.

    To me it seems like a win-win joining GSSF-get a discount on a pistol and gets you the opertunity to learn more about your weapon platform you’ll use to defend yourself with
  40. Just had a thought-Glock should extend Blue Label pricing to night shift gas station and convenience store clerks.....they have a pretty dangerous job these days
  41. GSSF, it works.
  42. I started this thread hoping to see some appreciation for the health care professionals. There has been some of that. Frankly, I am surprised that there wasn't more. I guess most people don't understand how front line we are. We don't "kick down the doors", but, we take care of them from then on. It doesn't end with kicking in the door. We are present in the event of a potential retaliation. We are the ones telling them they can't have any more narcotics. I had one follow me home once. In the last few years at least 2 physicians have been killed in their homes in my state. Many of my nurses have been stalked by patients. These are all job related hazards.

    And, we are the ones that heal/save the LEO, firefighters, etc. that are injured in the line of duty. We have a great working relationship with the local heroes. We also save the BGs without bias. Sometimes, we get sued after saving them.

    We aren't stressed, untrained cowboys with control issues. I go to the range at least once a week to learn my firearms and perfect my ability with them. I take training classes. I compete in GSSF matches. When you see the damage the weapons do, you learn to respect them.

    Anyway, thanks to those that appreciate and understand the situation.
  43. I’m a mechanic. I carry at work. I make decent money and glocks are cheap. Don’t need no stinking discount.
  44. They should extend it to toilet paper truck drivers as well.
  45. The simplest way to get blue label pricing is to sign up for GSSF, if you are not apart of the rest of the list of occupations.
  46. I think firearm instructors should get the blue label as well hell don’t know why ems or fire do they can’t even carry on the job

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  47. And I can say that because I have been all 3

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  48. Hell yes they should get the blue label discount. I’d give them combat pay.

    We give vets up to 39k a year for life plus other perks for PTSD and other minor aches and pain, and we’re arguing about a blue label discount. LOL.
  49. I had emailed them directly with respect to adding school security employees as an eligible blue label, as many school employees are now serving in security roles to protect students.

    They responded that they had full time security personnel listed. I think they missed my point on teachers, aides, bus drivers who are carrying covertly to serve.

    I didn’t respond back. Figured it was a no go for them.
  50. Wow, if I posted how I really feel about this, I would be banned