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What about a pass it upwards thread?

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by speedsix, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. speedsix


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    Nov 9, 2003
    Just bouncing ideas off you guys.

    What about a thread where every item is better or worth more than the item taken?

    I noticed on the pass it forward thread that it would sometimes grind to a halt when someone took something nice then offered up something that wasn't worth anything. Nobody wanted the $0.50 junk piece and the thread basically derailed. You would think that most people who take an item worth $50 would offer up something decent but many times they would just find the cheapest thing that they had and put it up to fulfill the thread rule.

    Here is what I suggest, a 'pass it upwards' thread to the extent that every item is of roughly equal or great value or desirability than the one taken. If someone offers up a set of 1911 grips for example that are worth $30, you should try and find something that is worth approximately the same if not more. That would keep the thread alive and keep the freeloader who are just looking to snag a good item away.

    I love the pass it forward thread idea because you can find something that you need and find a home for something you no longer need but isn't junk. If it was junk, I would have thrown it away long ago. I always have stuff that I know someone is looking for and would love to have that is no longer useful or important to me. Maybe I sold the gun that the part or accessory went to or just moved in a different direction.