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what a wacky NFL day

  1. the raiders hook up 59 points :wow::wow:
    the san diego chokers strike again . stupid mistakes
    and ofcourse im a steeler fan but miami got robbed on that fumble ,yeah i admit it :supergrin: i have never seen that called before

    and the saints get busted by cleveland ??? :rofl: damn what a day

    but a win is a win :cool:steeler nation
  2. Damn Ben looked rusty today. But.........................................

  3. Who'd the lions beat
  4. I am still partying from Mizzou's win last night, but I was happy to see KC win today. They have a real shot of winning their division this year.

    I also hope Rogers has a strong showing tonight, I need about 38 points out of him for my money league.
  5. Raiiiiiders!
  6. And my eagles look bad in the 4th

  7. I don't want to talk about it.
  8. Today was a good day:supergrin:

    Football pool was ruined today though.
  9. Bucs!
  10. I think the Bills got robbed too. The whistle should have been blown in the overtime fumble. He was stoppede for almost 4 seconds before the ball was ripped out. BTW, I am a dolphins fan and that last call was pretty crappy!
  11. Whether the Dolphins were 'robbed' or not, the referee called the play correctly. Merely standing up with the football after a scrum does not guarantee you had possession in the scrum. Officials always call possession before someone comes out of the pile with it, and everyone stopped after the head linesman signaled touchdown (from his vantage point, it was). Was it an all around bad situation? Definitely. The Steelers should have never even been in a situation where they needed a score to win the game.
  12. Go cheifs!!!!
  13. agreed im not complaining lol . just never seen that play before .
  14. glad the chiefs won
  15. I know you weren't complaining. I just picked your message to quote since no one really complained... yet. :wavey:
  16. I only missed NO, SF and DEN so far but who wouldn’t. I’ve got GB and NY for tomorrow.
  17. I've lived in northwest Louisiana for 27 years, but grew up in northeast Ohio near Cleveland. I was elated to see Cleveland win over the saints. Colt McCoy did a fine job for a Rookie.
  18. Don't hate the game, hate the rules. It was the correct call!

    My heart tells me that Miami had possession but rulz is rulz!
  19. Wasn't hating the rules... or the game. I stated the refs made the right call. The only rule I currently despise in the current rule book is the one pertaining to the receiver maintaining possession throughout the catch, as it is crap that the receiver has to catch, fall, and stand up with the ball. It is silly. At sum point during that they become a runner. It needs reviewed.
  20. The refs made the wrong call on the GB/MN game, Vikes should be up by 3...but they've only pulled back MN TDs...It is a bad day. Why are refs not punished for major screwups?

  21. Brad Childress should have challenged it.
  22. What I don't get is you see two Miami players dive on the ball before any Steelers did.
  23. because the vikings head coach SUCKS . i mean aweful . its his job to challlenge but nope . everytime the camera is on vikings coach he looks to be staring off in space lol . i mean look at the players they got and they are 2 -4 ?? vikings has not had decent coach in many moons . plus you at 40 yard line right before half 2 timeouts and over 20 seconds left and you let time run out ? if i was the owner he would have already been fired looooooooong ago

  24. what an awesome day

    every week it's a great show

    7 games won by 4 point or less, just like every other week

    i used to be more a ncaa guy, but every year it seems like the NFL gets better...
  25. Pats!
  26. Go Chiefs
    Go Rangers
  27. The Cowboys got beat...oh wait they play Monday...and got beat.
  28. 2 Dolphins players diving on the fumbled ball and one Dolphins player standing up with the ball in his hands.

    Nope I see no evidence of who recovered the fumble.:crazy::uglylol: