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Went to the Hard Rock Casino on sat

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me and the family unit were heading to Miami for something but got sidetracked when we passed the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood:cool:

We have wanted to go there since they got BJ tables but never made it down there till now. So on a lark we decided to go in a play a bit. The kids were w/us , 12 y/o boy and 15 y/o daughter that attracts too much attn from males of all ages so we had to keep them close. The place was pretty nice, EXCEPT THE CIG SMOKE !!! *** me... :faint:lots of interesting people there, from the young hot S Beach crowd to homeless...We signed up to be in the Players Club immed so we could play for the two Lotus's they had on display, the white Evora was :wow::wow:

anyway we were there from aboout 6p-1a or so..had a nice dinner at the HR Cafe. Been a while since we partited like that and to do it just spur of the moment was cool. We played the slots and BJ , got killed by the slots, I lost $100 in about 8 we moved onto the $25 minimum tables. I had $700 on me so that was our limit to lose. We came out $400 ahead so yeah.. my wife saved us as I was getting killed, pretty typical.

When we left the weather had flooded everything and the drive home was hell, but all in all a cool place to go if you want to do something diff than the usual movie and dinner.

I was curious if you could cc there as it is a Indian reservation ?? I had my 1911 TRP on me OWB just under my windbreaker and the wife had her G33 in her purse :cool: lots of local urban utes in there and thugish types, some were even sitting at the $150 min tables.. pretty impressive..

I never knew they had penny slots wtf...but I figured out the scam w/the bums in there. They can sit at the penny slots w/ $10 and play all night anf get free drinks, plau stay dry so not a bad idea..

anybody else ever daughter wanted to find the room that Anna Nicole ODed in...wierd kid..

Oh the other negative other than the smoke was totally clueless staff..jeez how do these people have jobs.. ask anyone a simple question and you get a blank stare.. I was curious about getting my parking validated and you think I asked them about chinese algebra..
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Its a fun place. Go there often. They have their own security and their own ways. Be cool Be good Be fine. Be bad well you know.
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