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Went to Supermoto race at Long Beach 4-5 NOV 06

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by fnfalman, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Oct 23, 2000
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    It was a blast watching the kids on the Minis. They carry so much speeds through the corners it wasn't even funny.:shocked:

    I was there primarily to support the Aprilia racing team in the Unlimited Class. Cycle World's editor Mark Cernicky was riding one of the SXV 5.5 and of course the factory rider Darryl Atkins was there too.

    Alas, Cernicky didn't qualify. He did well until he crashed a couple of times and ended up in the back of the group. Darryl Atkins did well and was on his way moving up toward the front when another rider took him out. He was hurt badly enough that even when I was leaving the show, he was still in the mobile hospital. I hope that nothing too serious happened to him.

    The course was extremely tight and definitely favored the thumpers instead of the high-revving V-twin, but had Atkins not gotten taken out, who knows what might have happened. But that's just the way it is with the races.

    One guy who was deadlast in the Supermoto decided to put up a show and started to do knee-down drifts through the corners at the delight of the crowd. Hey, if you're gonna lose then might as well do it in STYLE!!!

    There were hot babes galore and of course it was the perfect time for me to lose my damn camera. Can't find it in the house at all.:sad:

    All in all a good weekend. Woke up at the bare crack of dawn on Saturday, rode down from Bakersfield (the Tejon Pass was so foggy that I was crawling at around 40-MPH for about ten miles or more), made a detour to Highway 2 Angeles Crest for some quick twisties then went to the race and stayed there for Sunday too.

    Sometimes life doesn't get any better than that.