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Went to auto dealer Friday for a test ride

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This happened in Springfield, Mo. (pop 170,000) The doors where locked and 2 people sat inside the dealership. A lady answered the door and said that Due to Covid19, I need to make an appointment now for a test drive.
How long will it be until the auto makers will discount the vehicles sitting on lot hopefully 30% of MSRP, or more????

I also have been seeing TV advertisements from some of the auto makers for 0% financing for 84 months, during the last few days.
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I knew that paying cash was no big deal, since the dealership made money on loans. My local friend made a deal on a Ford several states away, after much due diligence looking at prices as far west as Texas. The catch was, for the great price, he had to take an 8% loan from the manufacturer credit company. He did so, and promptly paid it off.
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