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Went Glock shopping today.

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I went to the local gun and shooting emporium today. After fondling a bunch of new Glocks, I noticed a good selection of used ones in the next case. So, I had a look see. There were a bunch of 31 and 32 Glocks there to ponder. Some rode hard and put away wet, some not. One 32 in particular was in very nice condition. No wear on the outer surfaces, and the breech or face of the slide was still blued. There was one 31 there that the breech was as shinny as a new dime and looked galded! Anyhow, the 32 in question had the finger grooved grip ,adjustable sights, and the rail. Asking price was $399.00. I asked if they would consider any less for it since the tag showed it was taken in on Nov.11 07. No dice. The $399.00 was firm. Should I have brought her home? I am still stewing over it. I have the serial # here and can have it held for me with a phone call. So, did I make a mistake not buying it?
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