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    I spent the morning practicing at 600 yards. Does that qualify?

    There were about a baker's dozen of us practicing on various 600-yard targets at Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club, Palm Bay, Florida. Primarily it was for those of us going to the F-class nationals in Sacramento next week.

    I was shooting a Savage target rifle with a Brux .284 Winchester caliber barrel. It's mainly a 1,000 yard target rifle, but when you had our wind (15 to 20 with gusts to 30) it's also a good mid-range choice. I managed to eke out the best score of the morning, 199 out of 200 with 9x's.

    We had a team qualified to win the team competition in Sacramento, but it's kind of fallen apart. I can't say we have team members one through four. We're all imminently qualified, with match wins under our belts, good rifles and excellent ammo reloading skills. We are officially TEAM LAPUA, being provided with brass, bullets, and a bunch of shirts, hats, 'n' stuff.

    But we lost one of our members to a fiance problem... he discovered she's an alcoholic, and his resolve feel apart. We try to cheer him up, but we just can't talk him into joining us. We've picked up an alternate who can't really make the grade, so our hopes for the team are waning.

    Individually, we're taking around eight individuals who have the skills to score in the very top eschelon. In matches, we've all shot 200's with high X counts in matches, so we're ready to give the country a good show. Too bad no one pays any attention to these things. A couple hundred of the best riflemen in the country, gathering for a five-day battle, and not even the local grocery rag will mention us. Think I should call Anderson Cooper? Bill O'Reilly? Wolf Blitzer?

    But enough of the griping. There will be fun enough for all (except one). We have one who says that only winning is fun. Otherwise, we're gonna shoot every round as if it's the only one for the day, and try to buck the wind to the X-ring. We'll practice at 600 and 1,000 yards the first day. Shoot 600 yard competition the second day. Shoot 1,000 yard competition the third and fourth days, and shoot 600 and 1,000 yard team matches the fifth day.

    Aaaahh the smell of gun powder in the morning! What could be better?
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    This might fit better somewhere else as it's not really a "GATE" type question.

    However-- good luck!

    As for coverage, a well-written article on the F-class championship would fit into almost any gun magazine. If you need some contacts, let me know.