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Well...it happened.

  1. After holding back the ladies for quite a long time, one finally "caught" me. I have a girlfriend.

    How do these things happen? I was so careful? My walls have been breached and they were so very well constructed.

    I feel like a Frenchman looking at a beat to hell and shelled out gap in the Maginot. :supergrin:
  2. good luck and be careful..
  3. You went and got all buff, that's what happened.

    But, I'm going to go with the Vans. Chicks can't resist the Vans.

    ETA: Or.......Badge Bunny.
  4. C'mon Rabbi, you're a smart guy. They have it, we want it. It's simple economics.
  5. :needspics:

  6. Congrats..........................I guess?
  7. You do not have to call them, they call themselves, that how it happens.

    Congrats and take your vitamins.
  8. good luck, man. the female of the species is the deadliest creature on the planet.

    but what a way to go.
  9. Oh-Oh!!:wow:

    Your gain, our loss! Imagine the new relationship will take away from your time here on GT, and I always enjoy your insight on things.

    I guess some chicks just can't resist wisdom. (not to mention the cool white beard thing you have going!:supergrin:)

    Congragualtions, and hope you can still find time to post once in a while...but if not, I think most of us can understand!:supergrin:

    Nah. I figure you've done the math to figure the crazy-odds. Right?

    Congrats, sir. Enjoy happiness. :wavey:
  11. Well, there goes my opinion of you as "a smart guy"! :tongueout:

    Dem wimmins - dey be da debbil I tells ya! :faint:

  12. I came accross the same issue last night. :whistling:
  13. Rabbi,

    If were younger and closer, I would have been trying to catch you myself! Best wishes in your new relationship!!!

  14. Not to worry.

    A good woman will add more happiness to your life that you can imagine.

    But then a bad one will eat out your heart.

    Good luck.:)
  15. Congratulations!
    Dont ever forget that the reason women live longer than men do is that they dont have wives.
  16. She ain't no Glocktalker? Is she?
  17. Poor Guy?

    It must have been in a moment of weakness?
  18. well this could put a whole new spin on the "rabbi's adventures" threads. lol
  19. Wow, good luck with that. Hope she doesnt mind the beard.
  20. [​IMG]
  21. And here I went and named you as the most "level headed" on Glock Talk.

    Be prepared for the most, well........................just be prepared.

  22. You have my condolences sir. That Cochese is quite the catch, aint it?


  23. Congrats my friend, good luck to ya:wavey:
  24. She like 1911s?
  25. A Shiksa!
  26. Just in case she has a "no Glock" rule, I am always in the market for good used Glocks!!!:wavey:
  27. Congratulations Rabbi.
  28. :needspics:
  29. congrats!

    them gun-buyin days is over. :)
  30. You don't sound very enthused.
  31. Careful,
    Women are the most advanced cash destruction system ever devised.

    In all seriousness good luck...

  32. +1000

  33. Get out while you can. Don't allow yourself to become emotionally involved.

    Women are inherently manipulative alien creatures who will act increasingly overbearing and arrogant as they age and droop. They'll sap your inner being as they go to gain strength.

    Love 'em, enjoy yourself, and leave 'em... and stay healthy... physically and mentally.

    Just sayin'... :whistling:
  34. Uh oh! I think that would mean Rabbi is prego!
  35. :supergrin:
  36. Kinda like what is often said about the two best days of boat ownership...the day you get it and the day you get rid of it. There's probably some fun between the two days...but...the price is quite high.
  37. Say it ain't so, Shlo! HH
  38. Badge Bunny? :cop::hearts:
  39. One of my coworkers has been divorced and living alone for 20 years. Recently he fell and now is slated to get married next summer. This morning he was telling me how he ALWAYS kept his cordless phones in the charger so they'd be charged, and now his fiance is leaving them ALL OVER the house!

    I just smiled.

    Best of luck, Rabbi. ;)
  40. Congrats! Enjoy the ride. :cool:
  41. Just don't let the wife found out and you should be fine...
  42. She must be hard of hearing :rofl:
  43. I'm I the only one curious as to what his name is?...


  44. Rabbi, either you fell down and she caught you or you slowed down because you wanted to be caught. :dunno:

    Best wishes!!
  45. do or die
  46. Pics or it didn't happen...........
  47. You need to find a song called "Blue Collar Suicide" by the Refreshments.

    Well I guess I could have run away
    When I saw that look in her eyes
    But she brought me to my knees
    Before I had time to realize
    But I wished I'd never turned
    To see her smile at me
    But she lured me to her lair
    With all the things she promised me
    And if I could ...
    You know I would .. Run away
    Right Now!!
    I can't sleep cause she snores like a chain saw
    And I can't eat cause she can't cook
    I can't write cause she's got all my inspiration
    And she can't count all the pills I took

    Don't tell my wife... :whistling::rofl:
  48. Fixed it for you.

  49. Are you reading in Binary? HER NAME IS COCHESE, dammit!

  50. 010001110100011001011001